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Welcome to the official source for tickets to all events produced by Insomniac! You can see the full details of any event by clicking its name below. Questions? E-mail us at info@insomniac.com. See you on the dancefloor!


  Tuesday at 12:12PM on July 31, 2012
It's August and you're sitting at work, browsing Grooveticket events instead of finishing that paperwork on your desk. We get it. You need a vacation.  Might we suggest Puerto Rico? Earlier this summ (Read more...)
  Wednesday at 3:57PM on July 11, 2012
It's around this time of year, when the sun starts to blister and wildfires flare, that the Southern California population craves one thing: nightfall. Since 1993, the good people of Insomniac have o (Read more...)
  Thursday at 4:57PM on April 19, 2012
Like the inevitable trajectory of a giant piece of space matter hurtling  joyfully towards earth’s atmosphere to the bated breath of billions in a summer sci-fi blockbuster, so too does the calendar d (Read more...)
  Tuesday at 11:51AM on December 20, 2011
When it comes to one of the nation's most beloved and long standing dance music festivals of the South West, one can never plan too early. Having reached crowds of six digit proportions (last year clo (Read more...)
  Friday at 1:00PM on December 16, 2011
As much as our collective image of a Norman Rockwell Christmas demands it, snowy Christmases are 20 times better when imagined than when actually experienced. Before any angry hackles are raised over (Read more...)
  Tuesday at 3:53PM on November 01, 2011
Ever marveled at the crazy things our bodies can do? Tongue folding smiley faces, hypermobile back bending thumbs, pretzel-like contortions—the human anatomy is just a bag of surprises waiting to happ (Read more...)
  Monday at 2:28AM on August 29, 2011
Into the rabbit hole and then … what? Adventures, a league of characters along the way, and what strange sights waiting! The best part though? Making your escape through the warren of madness around y (Read more...)
  Friday at 4:59PM on August 26, 2011
Parentalia, the festival of the dead. Jack’O’Lanterns, to celebrate souls in purgatory. Or Samhain, the official celebration of summer’s end.  The idea of Halloween typically includes ghosts, ghouls, (Read more...)