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  Monday at 4:23PM on January 24, 2011
Tap glasses to toast the coasts east and west because it’s never too early to fill up on a square diet serving up prime beats by the pound.  March 2011 is about to show the rest of the year a thing or (Read more...)
  Monday at 12:53PM on November 29, 2010
So it has come to pass that another year has hurtled by between blinks, and likely another Thanksgiving survived intact despite nuking the marshmallow-crusted yams and questionable experiments with Tu (Read more...)
  Monday at 12:58PM on August 30, 2010
Trick-or-treating was good stuff when one’s a wee lad or lassie—dressed to impress, score some quality sweets and trooping around the neighborhood with friends and folks.  But hit puberty, grow into t (Read more...)
  Monday at 1:27PM on July 19, 2010
Summer is tailor-made for epic festivals.  Sunlight, big beats, and thousands of beautiful people.  When HARD Summer Music Festival hits the sprawling green grounds of the LA State Historic Park on Au (Read more...)
  Sunday at 1:21PM on March 14, 2010
HARD bring it HARD.  Raising the bar, erasing the bar, obliterating the bar for world class headliners and epic festival production.  Just announced, M.I.A. - the Sri Lankan She-Ra - will be headlinin (Read more...)
  Friday at 7:44PM on February 19, 2010
Supremely, inflexibly intense in all the right ways, is it any wonder that L.A.’s drought isn’t about water so much as it is of all events HARD?  Good news then to all the feening fans out there grind (Read more...)
  Wednesday at 5:26PM on February 17, 2010
Dream big.  It's worked for the party professors at HARD, with their events selling out venues and perfecting the practice of production.  It's also worked for electro duo Bloody Beetroots, who've dom (Read more...)
  Saturday at 2:20PM on November 14, 2009
For a year that’s been about as soft as a bed of jagged rocks comes a different sort of HARD to see it on its rocky way.  Down your celebratory champagne (for those of you 21 and over) to the tune of (Read more...)