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  Monday at 11:59AM on October 12, 2009
Seemingly out of nowhere, 2007 was struck by the birth of HARD and almost overnight, a singular EDM phenomenon took the California dance music scene by storm.  With an identity all its own, the apt (Read more...)
  Thursday at 5:46PM on June 18, 2009
Eat your heart out Keyboard Cat because Deadmau5 is in the house!  This Halloween (October 31st) is looking something brutal in the best way with the announcement of Deadmaus5 as one of the headliners (Read more...)
  Monday at 6:57PM on May 04, 2009
In keeping with the seasons, the Nitrus crew is torching up a dope evening of slammin’, cutting edge electronic music under their Hard Summer banner, and anyone with an interest in raw, unmediated fun (Read more...)
  Friday at 4:37PM on April 17, 2009
Southern California is no stranger to overt, large-scale mouse worship (just exit Disneyland Lane in Anaheim for proof), and so perhaps it’s not surprising that freaky, oversized-red-mouse-outfit-wear (Read more...)
  Wednesday at 2:00PM on April 15, 2009
Nitrus is known for bringing a lot of wild times to the City Of Angels, and for that task the citizenry will be forever grateful. Still though, even high expectations didn’t foresee dubstep pioneer/ (Read more...)