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BAMP Project tickets
BAMP Project


  Tuesday at 4:30PM on June 12, 2012
Despite the unfortunate name, Death Cab for Cutie has proved immortal.  The band's been together for 15 years, put out 8 full-length albums, produced several successful side projects (The Postal Servi (Read more...)
  Tuesday at 3:41PM on April 03, 2012
Musical relevance is a rare commodity sought by many and achieved by few.  And it’s surely not for the lack of trying or what have you. The cycles of culture and popularity are as fickle as they come, (Read more...)
  Thursday at 7:11PM on October 13, 2011
No need to panic. If anything, there’s more than enough reason to chill. Helps when Hawaii’s in the picture. Even more so when you throw in a gorgeous outdoor amphitheater flanked by grass-covered rol (Read more...)
  Tuesday at 9:00PM on November 02, 2010
Triskaidekaphobia—that’s nerd shorthand for the phobiaof number 13—gives the number 13 something of a bad rap.  Thirteen isn’t all that bad.  At least the Italians don’t think so.  And if luck would h (Read more...)
  Friday at 11:05AM on December 11, 2009
We believe the good folks in Hawaii understand epic, brain bursting rock and roll.  Maybe they are tapped into the ancient volcano spirits, maybe they just love thrashing to the guitar gods, but they (Read more...)
  Thursday at 4:43PM on September 17, 2009
The Loft in Honolulu is a hot place in paradise.  Hawaiians with an ear for experimental punk-funk might want to snatch up a golden (Groove)ticket for November 17th now, for the might !!! are coming t (Read more...)