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Vanguard Hollywood is LA's number 1 Music Venue !!

With its new owners, Vanguard is back better then ever, bringing you the best DJ's , performances and promotions weekly. So Get ready to experience what music is really about! Post videos, photos, and special events you've experiences on our groove tickets page and receive special entry rates from the managers!!


  Wednesday at 1:39PM on December 07, 2011
Vanguard invites you to celebrate an epic New Year's Eve at Vanguard Nightclub December 31st, 2011 6021 Hollywood Blvd. The Biggest New Years Eve Party In Hollywood 5th Annual NYE In LA. Epic All Acce (Read more...)
  Wednesday at 6:34PM on November 02, 2011
Sweet tooth got you down? Cold snaps tend to bring about that feeling of indoor itch. When the bluest of blues set in, it’s crucial to instigate your outbound instincts. Luckily, every Friday offer (Read more...)
  Thursday at 3:28PM on October 20, 2011
A trip out to the Vanguard with Justin Michael is kinda like Christmas or some holiday where you're not sure what to expect, but you know it is going to be good. Justin Michael not only brings out ama (Read more...)
  Friday at 10:49AM on October 14, 2011
Simply put The Vanguard Hollywood leads you to the light. The second you board it is a round trip to fever pitch go lightly high five action and you are over equipped. As your feet move you closer to (Read more...)
  Tuesday at 4:47PM on September 27, 2011
Turns out Shakespeare was wrong because any other rose would not be as sweet as Jesse Rose. His Made for the Night tour kicked off like running at a slip and slide, cool, as I walked into Them Jea (Read more...)
  Thursday at 3:06PM on September 15, 2011
This was no ordinary night at the Vanguard Hollywood. The entrance to this event was flecked with gorgeous glittered girls wearing less than the usual attire. Fishnet tights, glossy go go boots, pink (Read more...)
  Wednesday at 1:12PM on August 24, 2011
They don't love you like the Vanguard Hollywood loves you roared as I walked up to the line outside this particular Friday night Departure. Upon entering the Yeah yeah yeahs song Maps remixed by the d (Read more...)
  Monday at 3:11PM on August 15, 2011
Are you totally bummed out that you missed Murk at the Vanguard's August 6th edition of DEPARTURE? Well you're in luck...picture hot sweaty beautiful people dancing in the rain on a gorgeous beach day (Read more...)