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SKILLS tickets

SKILLS is synonymous with the best electronic music events in Northern California since 1997. Whether it be a 300 person party or a 20,000 plus massive, Skills guarantees quality world class talent with unbelievable productions. Skills events have continued to draw more people from all over North America and worldwide.


  Wednesday at 12:51PM on December 28, 2011
Like pigeons, wrong side of the bed days are a dime a dozen and more populous than we'd like them to be. Pecking out of nowhere when you least expect them, when everything that can go to pot does, the (Read more...)
  Thursday at 7:47PM on October 13, 2011
Rolling blackouts aren’t always an annoying giant wrench tossed into the clockwork of an otherwise fine day. Okay, maybe your ice cream melts in the freezer, the beer turns warm, and you find yourself (Read more...)
  Thursday at 10:19PM on April 23, 2009
We've always had a soft spot for the Bay Area beat masters at Skills.  Twelve years of bringing epic bashes with wall-to-wall talent earns you a little thing we call "cred", but the mind-scrambling ja (Read more...)