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  Friday at 5:30PM on August 19, 2011
Though its location and very existence has long been disputed, whether or not Atlantis was ever a city no longer matters. It’s gone beyond the age-old quibble to become something a hundred times more (Read more...)
  Monday at 12:46PM on March 14, 2011
Ah mysteries, sweet spice of life.  Who couldn’t use some mystery to liven up the ol’ daily routines now and again?  For all you party people champing at the bit for a good place to let loose, here’s (Read more...)
  Thursday at 5:07PM on February 17, 2011
Get the feeling that more and more stuff seems to be hitting the fan?  For every nice thing out there there’s like another three Debbie Downers lurking around the corners to bring you down.  At least, (Read more...)
  Monday at 2:14PM on January 03, 2011
More likely than not, if you’ve kicked it around here or there, somewhere along the line, you’ve encountered the words, “They grow up so fast!” in regards to how kids shoot up out of nowhere and t (Read more...)
  Saturday at 4:41PM on April 17, 2010
Forget 411, you don’t need to call information to know where to go this April 24th, ‘cause Motive Events has dialed in the only number you need on your calendar—420.  That’s right, on April 24th, the (Read more...)
  Saturday at 1:54PM on February 13, 2010
In a world that can never use enough heart—big love is a seriously precious commodity.  Understanding the shortage too well, the sympathetic folks at Motive Events have strived hard and outdone themse (Read more...)
  Wednesday at 2:03PM on October 14, 2009
For those of you so inclined to play a word association game with the term “fuzzy,” likely the results returned would be plentiful—be it peach skins, nappy felt, downy animals, mushy feelings or even (Read more...)
  Thursday at 5:40PM on June 18, 2009
Many souls adrift in the Southern California sector already consider LA’s tropical climate, endless sunshine, and plentiful produce to offer up a small taste of earthly paradise, and such an optimisti (Read more...)