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The Hollywood Roosevelt tickets
The Hollywood Roosevelt


  Tuesday at 2:34PM on December 06, 2011
Natives of Los Angeles have likely heard it all when it comes to what peeps think of the city. More than likely too, most of the time, those observations are tied to Hollywood and work an honest Angel (Read more...)
  Tuesday at 2:35PM on October 25, 2011
In an age when empowerment, life coaching, and proactive go-getting, the modern day mantra that you can be whatever you darn well please has so permeated our social standards and expectations that if (Read more...)
  Monday at 12:19PM on December 06, 2010
You’re only young once so the word goes, so there’s nothing to it than to enjoy it fully to the hilt.  Of course, anyone who’s ever braved the bowels of Hollywood may just have noticed it’s a town tha (Read more...)
  Monday at 1:54PM on October 04, 2010
Contrary to popular belief, hauntings are not always the eyeball-exploding, blood-curdling, terror-injecting occurrences they’re made out to be in the talkies.  Take for example, the historic-cultural (Read more...)
  Saturday at 12:07PM on December 12, 2009
Subsiding on Top Ramen and practicing the art of frugality may have been 2009’s highest priorities out of sheer necessity, perhaps even habits well worth a reprise for the up and coming 2010.  Yet all (Read more...)
  Saturday at 2:46AM on October 03, 2009
While All Hallows’ Eve may be filled with costumed revelers in all manner of disguises assuming roles that cover the spectrum of imagination’s rainbow, there is one thing that is hard to imitate—the e (Read more...)