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  Monday at 5:06PM on June 21, 2010
Despite numerous and colorful examples to the contrary, time does make things better now and again, rendering what previously seemed like insurmountable and unthinkable shifts in popular, accepted opi (Read more...)
  Saturday at 12:03AM on October 31, 2009
The not so secret word on the street for December 31st is … CELEBRATION!  So Y2K is officially entering the ten-year marker and making that leap towards double digits.  But besides that, Sublevel’s 8t (Read more...)
  Sunday at 5:23PM on October 18, 2009
Halloween is not all cavity-causing candied apples, packed massives and costumed parades.  For those of you who like some added mystery to your All Saints’ Eve, what’s the fun of horning in on all the (Read more...)
  Friday at 12:12PM on March 13, 2009
Everybody with a brain in their head and a basic dial-up modem has long been familiar with the heroic actions undertaken by LA undergrounders Sublevel Music in birthing, rearing, and supporting live m (Read more...)