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The Philadelphia Experiment (PEX)


Our mission is to inspire and connect a growing, willing and participatory community of passionate, tolerant and motivated individuals by actively creating, supporting and providing engaging experiences. To this end we continually strive to foster an environment that nurtures and protects the family evolved by this culture.


  Thursday at 4:49PM on April 19, 2012
There are studies for just about anything you can think of. If you can dream it, ten to one it’s already been done. One study floating out there deals with regrets. You know what some regrets most peo (Read more...)
  Wednesday at 3:46PM on October 12, 2011
When it comes to Halloween, the only spooks that generally come to mind are those of the ghostly variety moseying about on a spectral plane and raising neck hairs plus a ruckus in drafty old buildings (Read more...)
  Monday at 11:07AM on May 09, 2011
Of all the great rites of passages swimming about in our modern pool of social culture, there is a special place for the one we know of as summer camp.  What used to be a supervised program for mom (Read more...)
  Wednesday at 11:14AM on September 29, 2010
Do you enjoy creativity and absurdity? Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Are you bored with normalicy? Stray from the flock. Choose your own path. Have more fun than anyone you know. Kostume Kult is (Read more...)