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Sabrina Esparza tickets
Sabrina Esparza


i just love to sing and i want to meet him so mad i would be so happy if i saw him. he is my age and i think we can be really good friends...but who knows life might work out?


Tuesday at 8:48PM on November 22, 2011





They can be your friend forever in till yall get to high school. You say you are friends forever but right now it seems like thats not going to work out. You and your friend finds other people to be with and maybe thats for the best well thats what other people say. The hard thing is about your friendship is that we met in 3rd grade and i still remmber everything we done in the happy past. She told me everything and i did the same to her we were like sisters that we say we could never split up but life goes on and we did. Me and my friend that  i call her now we talk some what but its not the same like old times. She has her life and i have mine to so only GOD knows what planed for me.