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The Philadelphia Experiment (PEX) tickets
The Philadelphia Experiment (PEX)


Our mission is to inspire and connect a growing, willing and participatory community of passionate, tolerant and motivated individuals by actively creating, supporting and providing engaging experiences. To this end we continually strive to foster an environment that nurtures and protects the family evolved by this culture.

Battleship Dawn 

Wednesday at 3:46PM on October 12, 2011

When it comes to Halloween, the only spooks that generally come to mind are those of the ghostly variety moseying about on a spectral plane and raising neck hairs plus a ruckus in drafty old buildings. But this Halloween, if you find yourself in Jersey, the spooks to keep your eye on are more likely to be those of a more secretive stamp—the secret agent stamp that is! If you’re looking for a hair-raising extravaganza this All Hallows’ Eve, set your sights higher than the placid neighborhood apple bobbing contest and check out Project Battleship instead! It’s the eye-catching high-profile blip on the party radar you definitely don’t want to let slip by!


This October 29th, The Philadelphia Experiment brings you its Top Secret (Okay, maybe not so secret because word is definitely getting out there!) Project Battleship , the 6th Annual PEX Halloween Ball on deck the Iowa-class battleship U.S.S. New Jersey. It’s all hands on board for a wild night of maritime adventures with a hefty side of zombies and spies of the high seas!


Entertainment runs the gamut of fire performances to non-stop music of the very first water! Tap toes and peg legs to DJ Everyday, Justin Paul, Big Jawn, Rob Paine, Thick N Thin, The Wonder Bars, Telesma, Tortured Soul, Nigel Richards, Neil Kurland, Glenn Weikert, DJ Willyum, See I (members of Thievery Corporation) and many more! Explore the daunting secrets of the battleship and don’t miss out on one of THE NEATEST Halloween parties of 2011! Ahoy mateys let’s make sure no one leaves ship without being three sheets to the wind!