About Us
For the love of beats, for love of music, for love of loops, that is why he DJ’s. This DJ has been around music ever since he was a kid, listening to multiple parts at once to adapt an ear of what sounds good together and what doesn’t. Early in the Year 2000 he moved to Colorado and went to his first rave. Not really knowing what to expect, he found the energy and the continuous music to be something that made him feel comfortable. He talked to a few people and that is when he decided to become a DJ. Being young and with the expensive equipment, he couldn’t afford equipment to practice until he found some decks and a mixer. While waiting to save up the money or get a job, he kept listening to electronic dance music and figuring out how the break downs and build ups played a part in all the different types of electronic music. In 2002 he picked up his first pair of headphones and hopped on a set of tables. It was a bit more difficult than he thought it would be. But with hard work and dedication he will learn. As the music technology grew, so did his passion for music. By 2006 he became really good at what he does, using more effects, using more loops, and beat juggling. Having fun with the music is why he does what he does. Beat matching is key, along with having a good ear. He has worked extremely hard to be where he is at today, and will keep with music as long as he lives.