About Us
DJ ITEM 7 (aka DJ 4MULA 7) born in Los Angeles, CA.......Exploding into the scene at the age 15, DJ iTEM 7 (aka DJ VITAMIN) became a resident to the Los Angeles underground movement in 1993. He quickly became a favorite within the westCoast rave scene/circuit; blowing away his peers. Now 19 years into his career, DJ iTEM 7 has shared the decks with the worlds greats such as Doc Martin, Goldie, Dara, Steve Aoki, Datsik, DJ Irene, DaDa Life, DB, King Britt, Richard Vision, DJ Swamp, AK1000, Charles Feelgood, DJ Dan, Bad Boy Bill, Donald Glaude, Danny the WildChild, DJ Craze, DJ Fresh, Barry Weaver, DRC, Micro, Dave Aude, and many more. In the Los Angeles rave/club scene alone, he has played at all of LA's best venues including Key Club, Highlands, Circus Disco, Avalon Hollywood, House of Blue Hollywood, Arena NightClub, Sunset Room, The Hudson Theater, and more. DJ. Sequencer and ITEM 7 produce the music on the sound track for the movie "The Indian". The second film is "The Man Who Couldn't Dance" where Item 7 also play the role of a DJ in a club in Beverly Hills. Both movies made the Sundance Film Festival and also the Internation Film Festival. ITEM 7 made his way to Las Vegas on Dec. 30, 2000 to DJ for Hot 97.5fm's event called "Lucky 7" where he amazed the crowd with his amazing DJ set which put him on the map. In 2002 ITEM 7 joined GROOVETICKETS.COM as their resident DJ.... iTEM 7 is now organizing events under SWEET CITY L.A. his new production Group which brings out 800 to 1000 people with every event. He is also CEO of Sweet City L.A. & Underground Soulz Recordings. iTEM 7 is touring from state to state on his SWEET & JUICY TOUR 2012 promoting his new CD "My Life As Mr 7". iTEM 7 is also finishing producing his new album he has been working on. The album is called "Life, Love, & Music..." and it's going to be release in the Summer of 2013.