About Us
Blistering out of the bowels of the Pacific, Corrupt Absolute has been a dominant fixture in the metal/hardcore scene from California to Japan with over a decade of live shows, 4 CD releases, an impressive list of corporate sponsors and the distinction of being the first American metal band to ever extensively tour mainland China. Corrupt Absolute (formerly known as 8mm Overdose) continues to thrive worldwide with yearly tours in Asia, the US and Europe. The band has accomplished what few have done without the support of a major record label in the very competitive music industry. Being Hawaii’s most successful metal/hardcore band has also earned them the distinction of being the only Jagermeister sponsored band in the state and garnished them with the attention of Malt Soda Recordings. Since their inception in the mid 90’s, the band has persisted with a vengeance in maintaining their old-school roots. Critics have long hailed the band's musical assault as a sonic wall of aggression, mixing the simplicity and brutal riffs of the early ‘80’s hardcore sound with percussion and vocals of thrash metal. Simply stated by the sound engineer on Slayer’s 2004 Jagermeister Music Tour after Corrupt Absolute’s blistering opening set, “Finally! A band opening for Slayer that sounds like they should be playing with Slayer!” Throughout the years, Corrupt Absolute has shared the stage with icons such as Slayer, Sepultura, Marylin Manson, Suicidal Tendencies, Pennywise, the Deftones, Venom and the Misfits. In addition, working closely on film/soundtrack projects with adult film maker Max Hardcore in his “Harder Than Hardcore” series of films has opened doors previously unavailable to bands of this genre. While songs such as “Fister” are potentially unsettling, the honesty and real life rawness of the band and their subject matter has an attraction that definitely cannot be ignored. …like a punch in the face, Corrupt Absolute is hard to ignore.