About Us
B33SON, pronounced “B33SON”, turned DJ in the late 90s after being forced to give up his dream of becoming a bass fisherman when he discovered that a childhood boating accident had left him with a debilitating fear of sushi. B33SON traded bass for baselines and set out on a journey to develop a unique style of entertainment while avoiding water obstacles along the way, of course. Today B33SON is at the forefront of the Bay Area’s electro scene. His weekly party called Electro Pop Rocks has become a weekly staple in the Bay Area party scene or at least the 4th most popular Wednesday night party in Berkeley, CA. In late 2008, B33SON gained worldwide notoriety after winning the grand prize in an international DJ competition sponsored by DJ Tech Tools and Remix Mag. The win, although likely a clerical error of some sort, sent B33SON around the world to rock out parties and has triggered a series of sponsorships by companies like Native Instruments and DJ Tech Limited. Part DJ and part controllerist, B33SON continually modifies his equipment to enhance his performance and push his sets to the limit. “ When B33SON takes over the decks, expect to hear huge baselines and have the urge to move.