About Us

Experience Another Way of Life: 

Connect - Travel - Dance

Pack your bikinis and dancing shoes, get ready for good people and great music in beautiful locations. Welcome to Another Way of Life, a destination music experience centered around building genuine relationships.


What is AWOL?

AWOL combines beautiful locations with great people and the latest in dance music talent. Hotel takeovers, pool parties, group dinners,activities, night events, afterhours and more entertain and connect our Lifers from around the globe. Our events not only offer a fun vacation and great beats, but more importantly a culture of lasting connections, friendships,warmth, forward thinking and open-mindedness.


Who is a Lifer?

AWOL is much more than an event or brand – it is a movement.An enriched group of like-minded people gather to celebrate, connect,adventure, dance, and return with meaningful relationships. A Lifer is anyone who has experienced an AWOL event, and they have bonded into a rapidly-expanding family of close friends and business partners. Once a Lifer, always aLifer, and we’ll continue to support you by offering discounts to future events, offering advice on business ventures, connecting you with other Lifers,and valuing your feedback in order to make our events as unique and rich as possible.


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