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DAMNtheMAN, Promotions 

!!Proudly presents, #WINNING:2013!!!!

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** A portion of every ticket sale will be donated to The Sandy Hook Elementary School**

Newtown Savings Bank, has created a "Sandy Hook School Support Fund." Donations can be mailed to Sandy Hook Support Fun, c/o Newtown Savings Bank, 39 Main St., Newtown, CT 06470, by visiting or texting NEWTOWN to 80888 to make a $10 donation.

Additional donations are welcomed to aid those who tragically suffered in these events 

A NYC throw back event to taking the scene back to where it should be NY style!!

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$20 Till 3 pm January 18th Online per-sales will go offline . 

$25 Till midnight @ the door 

$30 After Mid-Night until the end of the party !!!!!

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16+ to #party!

21+ to #win!

*Must show valid ID to enter. No Exceptions.

Main room


✯✯✯//Luna C//✯✯✯

✯✯✯KniteForce Vs Scarred Digital ✯✯✯


Female Hardcore DJ Sc@r, is recognized today as one of the UK’s finest rising artists. The Australian-born DJ burst onto the scene in 2006, and quickly made her stamp on the scene firstly working cloesly with Raw Elements for a number of years and now launching her own hardcore label – Scarred Digital in 2012.

Having become one of the few female hardcore DJ’s to have performed around the world in Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, Belgium, Spain and Sweden! Her local reputation has lead to bookings at some of the UK’s premier events including HTID, Hardcore Heaven, Fantazia, Fusion, Firewall, Uproar, Raverbaby, Hardcore Evolution and the UK’s longest running dance party Raindance. Performing on radio has always been close to Sc@rs heart, performing on pirate radio for 6 years Eruption 101.3fm, Guest appearance during BBC Radio One during Kutski’s In ‘New Djs We Trust show’ 2011 her sounds can be heard weekly on

Many of Sc@r’s productions can be heard over many hardcore labels Lethal Theory, Future World, Executive Records, Knite Force, Raw Elements, Make Believe Records, Revelation Digital, CLSM, Lethal Theory Raw, Recycled Records, Can Your Feel It Media, Yorkshire Records, White Noise and Xplosive Hardcore just to name a few. Since earning her first vinyl release in 2007 on Raw Elements, she has collaborated in the studio with a variety of artists and it wasn’t long before her name was featured on album compilations including the internationally respected Bonkers, 100 Hardcore Anthems, Hardcore Underground series, Hardcore Addiction, Never Stop Raving and Crush on Hardcore plus 2011 Hardcore Elements was her first offical mixed album released on Can Your Feel It media. She is very excited about the launch of Scarred Digital which will feature many new releases, collaberations and guest artists including Klubfiller, Luna C, Vagabond, Mc Supplier plus many artists from around the globe of various status and hard dance genres.

The lady Sc@r dedicates her life to music. If you haven’t heard of her yet, then you’re not in the know!


Scarred Digital:

SoundCloud: and

Twitter: and

Facebook: Sc@r –

Facebool: Scarred Digital –

Radio Shows

Thursdays 1900-2100 hrs

✯✯✯//Jen Mas//✯✯✯

Vitus, NYC hardcore 




╚══`. D.A.N.C.E.♥.M.U.S.I.C.♥

Jen Mas is the leading lady of hardcore techno in North America. Founder of the Vitus crew, she's maintained an electronic music scene presence for 15 years strong, and has an invariably growing fan base that spans the globe. Never conforming to the mainstream, she has remained true to her sound and has helped push hardcore to new levels and heights, which has been her main goal from the start. Known for her lightning fast mixing and scratching abilities, she never fails to impress with her fast-paced DJ sets and mind-bending mixes. While she's best known for playing the harder dance sounds which includes hardcore along with drum and bass and hardstyle, she has also rocked many other genres such as house, tech-house, electro, fidget, techno, schranz, 80's dance and more. She has proven time and again that she is a DJ without boundaries, and has raised the bar when it comes to showmanship on the decks.

Since her inception in the scene, Jen has kept herself completely immersed in her music endeavors. Her fascination and connection to music and rhythm stems from her earliest days, collecting records since she was 6 years old, being classically trained in piano before turning 10, and the countless hours she spent making mixtapes off the radio throughout her entire youth. Born and bred in the Bronx, she was always surrounded and inspired by all aspects of urban culture as well as having been heavily influenced by her musically adept family and the Latino culture in general. A true New Yorker at heart, she is sociable, passionate and open-minded and her style is an embodiment of the polyglot music culture of her hometown. 

When Jen hits the decks the energy transference that takes place is a unique gift that she is happy to share and it is something that cannot be explained with words. Her performances are uplifting and the dance floor vibe is electrifying. She will dance, sing, and jump along with you, and every set will tell a fun and exciting story. 

Voted one of the top 20 female DJs in the world by Shejay and Core magazines and having played in almost every major city across the continent, Jen has proven that she is a renown artist who is here to stay. She is one of the heavy hitters representing the New York City electronic scene, right behind the original hardcore masters Lenny Dee, Omar Santana, and Delirium, to name a few. And that is no easy task, as hardcore has often been an underrated and misunderstood genre. But her drive and dedication to pushing the sound along with her innate ability to infect you with the music has turned many people onto it which in turn has helped the genre get more recognition in America. Her fascination with variety and vast musical interests are the driving forces behind her DJ approach, which includes not only the hottest tracks mixed with passion, but also track edits, refixes, remixes, and original material. Her creativity and turntable trickery separates her performances from the rest, with an infectious energy that will ignite any dance floor. And with an unrelenting willingness to learn and affinity for self-improvement and change, she hopes to continue opening minds and pushing her artistry to new levels as a DJ and producer for many more years to come.

Lastly, Jen has also made some notable behind the scenes contributions by having been host to some of the most memorable events in NYC's rave history, including Time Machine, the Collaborate events, and Women on Wax. She has also organized many free events in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Long Island parks and venues over the years, as a way of giving back to her friends and fans. She started her production crew, Vitus, back in 1999 after organizing events under other monikers for several years prior. Her crew has been home to some of the country's best talent, and their alliances with other respected local crews have resulted in many top-notch events and projects. The future of Vitus is yet to be determined though, whether Jen decides to host future events and/or use it as a means to distribute music. Regardless, you can count on her to continue her quest to keep hardcore alive, and she invites you all to come along for the ride ♥


✯✯✯//DJ X-Dream - Caffeine, NY - Trance //✯✯✯

DJ X-Dream has been causing Dance Floor mayhem for over 2 decades by consistently reinventing himself to keep pace with the ever-changing Electronic Dance Music Movement.

DJ X-Dream has gained the admiration of party-club goers nationwide with his impeccable mixing and intuitive gift for rocking dance floors. His travels have spanned across the United States and Canada, including stops in Seattle, New Orleans, Denver, Orlando, Ottawa, Atlanta and Dallas to name a few. Plus gracing the DJ booth at renowned clubs such as Limelight, Tunnel, Exit, Vinyl, Shelter and the Roxy in New York City, Buzz in D.C., Shampoo and Motion in Philadelphia, to demonstrate just some of his accomplishments.

Regarded as one of the East Coasts finest DJ talents X-Dream has played some of the Nations largest and best events with key international talents including: Showtek, Richie Hawtin, Armand Van Helden, Moby, Crystal Method, Headhunterz, DJ Dan, and Bad Boy Bill, in addition to countless others.

He is also the Founder and CEO of New York based Caffeine Promotional Group® the mother company of the internationally legendary underground phenom that is Caffeine™.

DJ X-Dream has been at the forefront of underground Dance Culture for many years with no sign of stopping.

Those that have heard his sets know he causes Dance Floor Annihilation whenever he performs!


DJ SYNCERE was born in New York City, raised in The Bronx, and was introduced to the club scene at the tender age of 13. He got his first taste of EDM as soon as he stepped into the world famous nightclub, Limelight. The vibe of over 700+ club kids combined with electronic music changed this young man FOREVER. From then on, he was addicted to electronic music and has been in and out of clubs, raves, weekly parties, and just about ANY party you can attend to hear pounding, hard bass in NYC, ranging from Drum-n-Bass to Gabber.

Though a late bloomer to play live, he debuted at the largest Hardcore EDM event, 666 MASSIVE. Since then, he has graced the many stages of RAGE-sponsored events and has taken the NYC rave scene by storm. DJ SYNCERE has kept it underground for the duration of his rising career, premiering at almost every OUTLAW rave NYC has had to offer in the past three years. He was considered 2011’s top Hardstyle act in NYC and has induced outbreaks of manic dancing wherever he has performed.

His specialty is Hard Trance and Hardstyle but he hopes to evolve as a DJ and as an artist so he can spin along side some of the greatest DJs to emerge out of NYC (E.g. Frankie Bones, Delirium, HeathCliff, Jen Mas, Smile-E, Jon Bas, Galvatron, Integrity, How Hard, Ritalin, Big Ears, Jon Dough, DJ Drei aka The Digital Pimp, DJ CIM aka The Italian Stallion, Teddy Glow, Ryan Blatt, Dream Master, and S-Factor.)

✯✯✯//Zero3z - mixed genre //✯✯✯

(Infekted Skillz)

Zero3 is just a normal guy who loves music and sharing that love with others. His first opportunity to showcase the love and appreciation for aural pleasure was when he had his own radio show on WCFM 91.9 Williams College from (1999-2000) and after one semester became the Internal PR director at the station. Fortunately for him his first chance to impress the crowd came when He landed a short residency at the once world famous NYC Club Tunnel at the Kurfew Parties, where he had the opportunity to spin in both the Hallway and Chandelier room for a few months (Jan – Apr 2001). Due to some necessary time to re-focus on life and changes between 2004-2010 he took a much needed break from the scene and music. After such a long break he could not forget the one thing that he always loved, MUSIC! Since then he has been making waves with his triumphant return. Playing on lineups with various area locals and some of the hugest names in EDM, he has been landing gigs in Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Allentown, Philadelphia, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts and his hometown "NYC". With every show he promises to electrify the crowd and make you truly understand why we all dance when we hear the bass, the beat, and the melody.

✯✯✯//Mixxxmaster dj science- techno/house //✯✯✯

✯✯✯//Johnnie five- dubstep/trap //✯✯✯













Up Stairs


✯✯✯//PAUL C //✯✯✯ - Jungle Nation, Funked Dub Ireland, NYC 

Paul C is a New York City based DJ / Promoter / Producer from Ireland and is the only Drum & Bass DJ in NYC with a weekly club residency. Currently Paul holds down 5 mixed music residencies including Konkrete Jungle since '96 & his own Funked Dub weekly in the Lower East Side breaking the latest Jungle, House & Dub. With a deep, diverse & dynamic musical background, Paul came up through Funk, House, Techno and Breakbeats & has had non stop residencies since he exploded on the US scene with the legendary Jungle Nation series in '95, the 1st Saturday night Drum & Bass weekly in NYC. 

DJ Paul C helped launch & worked at Breakbeat Science the US's 1st D & B store, regularly guests at many Festivals, Raves, Clubs & institutions etc such as MoMa's PS1 and has played in the UK, Europe & North America on world class sound systems like Space. Paul has promoted successful parties such as I ♥ Drum & Bass + many more & shared the stage with the world's top DJs & Producers from Grooverider to Subfocus to Snoop Dogg to Fatboy Slim. Paul C's sets have been hailed as "brutally beautiful" by Mixmag & numerous top publications. 

Producing solo & collaborating with DJ Dara & more, Paul plays exclusives from himself, Darrison, Ed Solo & his many connections in the NYC, Outer & International scene, but most of all DJ Paul C loves music, dancing, life & bringing you the most fresh & classic, rinsing & rolling sets he can find, rocking your socks off with some proper Funked Dub! Full Bio, dates, press, info @...

"Paul C has just finished another brutally beautiful set @ New York City`s Jungle Nation. It's almost 1 am and the previously ravenous crowd has been completely satiated. Everyone`s in a daze from all the horn blowing, rewind reveling and hysterical jumping..." - Mixmag

✯✯✯//DC-Ten trance //✯✯✯

(Infekted Skillz / Chemical Warfare Underground)


Born to the streets of Queens New York, Cristapher DC_Ten Cotter was first influenced by electronic music when stole his first mix tape from his cousin. At the first sound of this new beat he fell in love. Later this love for the beat would drive him to buy his first records and a set of turntables. As DC_Ten's passion for music grew he expanded to hard bass tunes the synth melodies of trance. Feeling the love of the scene you can now catch DC_Ten playing Trance with some of the local undergrounds best.

Some are addicted to the lights

Some are addicted to the unity

Some are addicted to the hype

And then there are those addicted to the beat

Trance addicts get addicted

Got 10? DC_Ten

✯✯✯//Zoe-X industrial  //mokum records /hardcore/gabber//✯✯✯

ZOE-X has been around since the early 90's with his beginnings at the LEGENDARY LIMELIGHT NYC super RAVE CLUB first as a CLUBKID then after meeting his soon to be mentor and teacher D.J. REPETE he knew this was his lifes calling..He started out promoting and throwing his own parties at LIMELIGHT and various other venuesand warehouses.But in the blood surged the need to bring the thousands or ravers/clubgoers the sound that pumped through his veins...the sounds of REAL (ROTTERDAM)HARDCORE.So he embarked on his journey to doing just that..Playing at various parties .After supporting INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH RECORDS LENNY DEE AND STILL TO THIS DAY HAVE AFFILIATIONS WITH IRS..AFTER A 10 years break because of the LIMELIGHT's government troubles he is back to once again show and play the real sounds of HARDCORE TO THE MASSES.HIS mixing style is insane .Never plays a record out ,hes contsantly mixing so the crowd has a beat to dance to..Once you've heard ZOE-X play u will understand what being,living,and sleeping HARDCORE is all about.

✯✯✯//H4rdnoX uk hardcore //✯✯✯

In 2009, after purchasing the life changing cd Hard Dance Mania 15. Technoboy's track 'Oh My God' was the hardstyle track that set everything in motion. Instantly falling in love with the genre, Kyle knew right then and there that it was his mission to share the joy of hard dance with everyone he comes in contact with.

Starting off as one of the original members of Nu-Order as DJ Sir. Drinks-A-Lot, along side Wink-E and DJ Pyro; then Moving on to the bigger projct: 'Paradox Productions' with Synn The Lighting Guy. H4RDNoX is constantly pushing the limits to reach the next level. Going from playing a house party wtih 70 people to sharing the decks at massives with world class talent such as Evil Activities, Max Enforcer, Neophyte, Lady Faith, Venom, Sc@r, DJ Pikey, Delirium, Satronica, Lenny Dee, Rob Gee, E-Rayzor and most of the top DJs in the NYC scene, and surrounding area including DJ Starkiss, DJ Drei aka The Digital Pimp, DJ Cim, DreamMaster, Bass Rockwell, Ray Gunnz has earned him a residency on Candy Radio with DJ Candy Kid. H4RDNoX has come up in the harddance and hardcore scene and shows no signs of slowing down.

✯✯✯//Vinny Vega aka Vinny from the bronx- house //✯✯✯

(Skys the Limit Music, Rareform, NYC)

✯✯✯//Rocco Ferrer//✯✯✯

THE MAGICK REPORT (Satellite/12bb)


hipster fashionista

cosplayer extraordinaire

✯✯✯//Chaz PsyKoticz //✯✯✯

Hardcore, Terrorcore, Speedcore

Official Website:

Facebook Page:


A Brooklyn born DJ and MC in and outside NYC that works with Paradox Productions as well as independently with various other promotions in and out of the greater NY area. With a Hardcore Lifestyle covered in blood, broken glass, barbwire, and other certifiable hysteria. Best known for unique Hard Dance and Hard Tech EDM Sets that have left dance floors, festivals, and the ears of listeners in complete anxiety from a social experience that is sure to bring out an emotional response and delusions that closely relate to psychosis, and or possibly schizophrenia

✯✯✯//BeatJunkie/dnb //✯✯✯

-A new school DJ with an old school mentality- 

BeatJunkie engages audiences with big bass, and beautiful melodies with all varieties of drum and bass, with a particular love of early jungle. BeatJunkie tells a story with her sounds, one from the heart that echoes her soul straight out of the speakers. Known originally for being a vinyl purist, she has reached out to new audiences under alter egos using different mediums and varied genres. Recently, she has been experimenting with DJ Slap the Bag and playing house, electro, and breaks. Growing up in the New England underground, she found peace for herself with the help of music and a roster of amazing individuals to long to list that helped her realize she wanted to share what she has experienced with everyone by making their own unique memories. Determined to do her part in keeping rave culture alive, BeatJunkie not only became a DJ, but also embarked on a mission to throw parties with the vibe and atmosphere that creates memories for all who attend. The brains behind How's Ya Mom Productions, and a proud member of the Live Free and Dance crew, BeatJunkie looks forward to helping bring the best of the best to the North East, and laying it down proper for crowds everywhere!

✯//Robot Attack (Robot Haus) MA - mix genre tag team boston //✯

✯✯✯Illikiw ✯✯✯

(Robot Haus) MA

Co-Founder of the Massachusetts based EDM crew Robot Haus. Dj Colin Williams, A.K.A. illikiwi is known for his love of all things EDM. illikiwis multigenre dj sets leave no musical style unloved. Having listened to Jungle DnB and Uk Dance records since a young age, illikiwi has a taste for the old and new school alike. Heavy bass and rave synths are his specialty, and with a knack for bringing a unique sound to every event he plays, a fast mixing style, and a unique blend of electro, house, breaks, trance and Uk Bass, one thing is for sure, illikiwi will take you for a ride: Wildstyle.

Colin Williams currently works in and around New England as a videographer, sound recordist / engineer, studio drummer, visual-projection artist and nightlife DJ.


(Robot Haus) MA

Massachusetts based Dj and producer, Andrew Fucking Kasianowicz is the progenitor of EDM Love at Robot Haus. AFK has been mixing all things house since 2007. His love for the scene and his passion for the music pulled him into the world of an EDM dj. Since 2007 his tight mixes have pleased crowds all across New England, from Vermont to Rhode Island. AFKs understanding of what it means to be a listener of edm, and his understanding of the technical aspects of being a DJ, help him keep you on the floor. Whether he's dropping phat wobbling four to the floor, drum & bass, or progressive house, his mixes will get you moving.

Their crews page:


Dj/Producer born and raised in NYC. After becoming addicted to the sounds of EDM and the Underground it was no doubt that music was her passion; Embracing Hardstyle with a firm grip. As a upcoming producer she has calibrated with Producers such as her Tag-team partner Xermane and many other young producers across seas such as (The)Destroyerz. Be on the lookout for this upcoming diva who has no plans on stopping till she makes it to the top.



Professional photography: Ronnie Compton Corado

Professional photography:Miss Tiffany Reptar

*GoGo by:

Simply Divine 

Divine Go-Go is a group of fabulously divine, very beautiful and talented girls that love to dance and get the party started. Divine Go-Go strives to represent love, music, passion creativity, and freedom through there dancing and festivities they add to any event. Divine Go-Go has been dancing around NYC/ BK/ L.I for years at places such as Webster hall, the Electric warehouse, The Morgan room and many more. We are always looking to expand the market to other cities, states, and eventually countries. Divine Go-Go is working to create new teams of dancers all over the U.S. and possibly even other countries.

Divine Go-Go is always looking for up and coming talented people to join our team and/or to network with, and welcomes all offers to be at any events you would like to see us at.

Divine Go-Go does dancing, spinning, fire poi, glow sticking, hula hooping, gloving, and much more. 

For Bookings

Follow us on Twitter @TheDivineGirls

Vending By:

*Rave Safe

"Rave Safe stands for raving safely and within your own means. Knowing your limits, environment and peers. We also function as a brand which produces fresh designs to promote our message. RAVE SAFE"

*Robot Haus

"For fresh tshirts, heady perlers, and tools for shame, check out merch from Robot Haus"

"spray painted original dnd record art from beatjunkie, with one playable side! Practical junglist creativty!"

Robot Haus

*Rave Relief

Rave Relief will be present for all your rave nutritional needs. Our goal is to promote healthier lifestyles amongst partygoers at the convenience of the event. Come by our table for all your 5 htp, Rave Aid and other vitamin needs!


If you are interested in vending at this event please email me @ (Att: #Winning)

Due to the high demand 

We are selling "stage passes" and "green room passes" sales at the door to meet and great your fav Headliners and maybe have a drink. Passes are $20 and only 50 to sell. First come first served!!




R.O.A.R (Right of Admission Refusal) at the door in effect all night


Amazura Concert Hall

91-12 144th Pl

Queens, NY 11435

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