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EL Cartel

with the help of:

World of Source
Almost Famous Entertainment
Bass Technicians 

Tickets go on Sale 1/1-2/24

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✩✩✩✩Early Bird Tickets: Ended on 12-10-11
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Tickets go on Sale 1/1-2/24

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✩3 STAGES!!!!!!


We here at the Cartel are mighty proud to bring you this one... You know all those old schoolers that tell you stories about the parties they used to go to? You know the music that THOUSANDS were coming out to Chicago to experience during the peak of the rave scene? Probably not. Why? Because you haven't had it shown to you! We at the Cartel are about the music, and we would like YOU to hear some good shit. 

Not only are we bringing out worldwide legends like Terry Mullan, and Nigel Richards but we also have plenty of the stuff you know and love from Chicago's own local bangers like DJ Deeon, and DJ Nosmo. We even grabbed something new and different in the form of a badass new electroProducer/DJ from LA, named Mr. Skeleton. Also how could we forget about the beautiful DJ Annalyze, who will be doing insane turntable tricks and DMC style Scratching on the wheels of steel... 

Come and experience some awesome music, with some awesome people. Since this lineup is so HUGE, we want the PARTY to be huge along with it! You can help! Send out invites to people you think will like the show, and if you're feeling saucy, change your profile pic to the flyer! (once it's up) Lets GROW OUR SCENE TOGETHER! Once people experience awesome events, they will want to come back for more, and they will spread the word too! Obviously we could never do this without you guys, so thank you! We'll see you all there!


Info line: 630-550-9509

Tickets go on Sale 1/1-2/24
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✩Nigel Richards (Philadelphia)
✩Terry Mullan (Pittsburgh)
✩Mr. Skeleton (Los Angeles)
✩DJ Annalyze (New York)
✩DJ Deeon (Chicago)
✩John Johr (Detroit)
✩DJ Nosmo (Chicago)

✩Lady Raven
✩BenzoL!ve vs Skoobisnax
✩Jay Oskulata 
✩DJ Neiko
✩Victor Amato
✩Source 1
✩Carlos Mercado 
✩Lyrek vs Littlebit
✩Shadow the Machine Angel

Tickets go on Sale 1/1-2/24


Nigel Richards - (611Records) -Philadelphia, PA (Techno) 

Nigel Richards is one of the most prominent figures in dance music today. Globally recognized as a DJ, producer and entrepreneur behind the seminal Philadelphia based 611Records label and store, his influence can be felt long after the turntables stop spinning. Touring 52 weeks a year for the past 14 years, Richards is considered to be one of the world’s most in-demand DJs. Club and partygoers throughout North America, and as far away as London, Scotland, Germany and Austria have enjoyed his unique style of party rocking. Highly respected in techno for his intensely textual style, Richards has received extensive critical acclaim. Nigel Richards is one of the most prominent figures in dance music today.


Terry Mullan - (Coin Slot/Catalyst Recordings)-Chicago, IL (Techno, House) 

Terry Mullan, Chicago’s turntablist extraordinaire, turns out dance floors week after week throughout the US and abroad. His credits include Twilo, 1015 Folsom, Sona, Bugged Out, The End, Pure, The Queen amongst raves as far off as Japan, Australia and Germany. He has developed a faithful following to those who know through his signature style of funky quirky jacking acid house combined with cutting and scratching making up an entirely new genre all his own. Additionally, Terry gained notoriety for his track under the moniker “Serotonin project” which was featured on the Chemical Brothers mix album entitled “Brothers gonna work it out”. Some of Terry’s more recent accomplishments include the largely successful “La Nina/Nickel bag da funk” E.P. on Smile under Speakerphreaker. (Terry Mullan & Halo Varga collaboration). His remixes for and alongside DJ Dan are also favorites of DJs all over the globe. These tunes have earned him a reputation that extends worldwide. If you have experienced a Terry Mullan set (and chances are you have) then you know he rocks the show, ’nuff said!

DJ Annalyze -(Novation Dicers/Stanton/Rane/Pioneer) NYC, NY (Hip Hop, Party Rock, Indie & Turntablism)
1 of the Top Female DJ's in the US 

Fresh off tour with DJ Quik, Annalyze has established herself as one of the leading ladies in Breakbeat, turntablism & hip-hop. She has played all over the US and Canada, alongside DJs such as Qbert, Baby Anne, the X-ecutioners, Dopey and DJ Rap, to name a few. Annalyze has also toured with DJs such as Breakbeat sciences own Reid speed & Playboys 50th anniversary DJ Shortee.
Her stellar turntablism and mixing style have earned her national sponsorships. In June of 2006 she toured as DJ Quiks tour dj and even had a performance on the Jimmy Kimmel show along sides “Cypress Hills” own B-real & “Blink 182’s” Travis Barker. Regularly rocking the club and party scene, crowds are not only mesmerized by Annalyzes DMC scratching and turntable trickery, but by her energetic stage presence which creates a vibe that keeps the dance floor moving all night long. The crowd-pleaser that she is, Annalyze can often be found stepping away from the turntables and joining the crowd in a dance! Annalyze is also featured in DJ Shortees new instructional DJ DVD entitled DJ shortees 202 . It doesnt end there. Annalyze has also recently stepped into the studio where shes been working on original material with the goal of releasing her first track by the january of 2006. Shes also been collaborating with other Breakbeat producers and has been sampling her scratches for use in their material. Annalyze was featured on Dj fixx’s own “bottom end recordings” ..20 & ..31 . She is also doing cuts for other bottom end recordings & afterdarks own Jbreak!! Annalyze is also working on a few hip hop collaborations with Eyeconz entertainment. Through Eyeconz she has been playing more hip hop and party rocking style. And to think – her journey has just begun!


Mr. Skeleton-Los Angeles,CA (Dirty Electro) 
Underground mastermind of the damned Mr.Skeleton, has been living the undead life in Maverick McNeilly, Los Angeles, United States for 23 years now, and as off such, growing in a place where the electro scene is expanding faster than anywhere else. Considered by many to be a SoundCloud god, he consistently ranks as one of the most listened to artists with his dark basslines, melodic synth progressions and stellar manipulation of samples. Although still underground for many, Mr.Skeleton is loved and worshiped by many more.

DJ Deeon -(Freakmode/Dancemania, Inc.) -Chicago, IL(House) 

Though he's revered among Chicago DJs and around the world as the original master of ghetto dance music, Deeon started small, on Chicago's south side. He sold his DJ mixtapes in the parking lot where he lived, and played house parties in the projects. These crowded living room parties started the feeling and inspiration for the sound Deeon produced, music he simply refers to as, "for the strippers, for the street". While tracks like "Accelerate" on Dance Mania were doing well overseas, he was getting little support or play from local Chicago clubs. Deeon calls ghetto house the "stepchild of Chicago house". Eventually the incredible response from his music forced the clubs to concede and play his records. These "techno with a ghetto edge" tracks have found way to the decks in clubs around the world. Deeon found his home on Chicago's own Dance Mania label, where he released hits like "Let Me Bang", "Who You Wit", "Da Dick Suck" and "The Freaks".  


DJ Nosmo-(Nightshade Music System Baroque Omnis)-Chicago, IL (Electronica Progrsv House Trance)

(Straight from the man himself) "I've been DJ’ing, performing live, and producing for more than a decade, and I’m writing the next chapter of my musical career. I’ve had a pretty good ride in the biz so far, and I want this short autobiography to be an update rather than a third-person blurb..... I held a long-standing residency on Chicago’s foremost dance music radio program, “Sonic Boom” on Q101FM, but I had my first real taste of the electronic music industry in 2001 with the self-release of “One For The Road Asleep At The Wheel.” It was originally a collaboration with my now long-time production partner Kris B. We pressed a small run of white labels, mostly to throw at headlining DJs in the booth when they visited our fine city of Chicago. Before long (and much to our surprise) the single was being charted by all of the A-List DJ’s and was 1 on Balance Record Pool Chart and Massive Records Import Sales Chart. .... I created my (now former) band Grayarea and we were rapidly signed to Hope Recordings, with much credit given to the success of "One For The Road." As a member of Grayarea, I went on to release several more singles on Hope Recordings, such as “Yewminyst,” featured on Nick Warren’s “Global Undergroud 024 Reykjavik” compilation, and “Gravity” which appeared on Tiesto’s “In Search of Sunrise, Vol. 4” mixed CD and has since gone on to become a ringtone. With the success of Grayarea, we had the unique opportunity to remix and be remixed by artists who have been massively influential to me. I remixed Bedrock’s “Emerald,” Steve Porter’s “Vodka Cranberries,” and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult’s “Dementia 66.” We traded mixes with Hybrid for our “Gravity” and their “I’m Still Awake” singles, and Gabriel & Dresden provided a top notch mix of “One For The Road” for Hope. I also spent time (under the moniker Blueletter) in the studio with D:Fuse producing two versions of his single “Indecision” which appeared on his “Begin” artist album and “People 2" mixed CD. .... John Digweed featured a live Grayarea set on his hugely popular Kiss FM radio program in the UK in 2003, and soon after I was living on the road in a tour van. We signed with the coveted AM Only booking agency, and over the following 2 years basically made laps around North America playing hundreds of shows and trying to figure out how to fit all of our gear on an airplane. Alas, the stress of living on the road with two other smelly dudes, in a crappy van that overheated constantly, took its toll on the band. Add subsisting on a diet of Taco Bell and Makers Mark to the mix, and you have the recipe for the eventual demise of Grayarea..... Exhausted and disheartened, but not defeated, I took a step back from touring and got back into the studio. Since that time I’ve been producing on my own and collaborating with some truly fantastic DJ/producer/songwriters. I’ve been in the studio with Blake Jarrell, who’s poised to become huge with his recent signing to Armin Van Buuren’s Armada label. I’ve also been working with Kris B again and we’ve got several releases and remixes about to drop as well as our new program “The Influence” on I’ve been hammering out new beats with another longtime studio/DJ partner Andre Solaris, who’s best known for his program “FUEL” on XM Satellite Radio’s “The Move” and his legendary “FUEL” events in Chicago. .... I’ve spent a good deal of time thinking about the appeal of electronic music is and why I’m attracted to the industry that it’s created. I love electronic music because it can unapologetically cross boundaries and genres: no sound is ever considered out of place. I believe that it’s not my job to cross these boundaries, but to destroy them. ......


John Johr -(Paxahau) - Detroit, MI (Techno)

John Johr’s career as a DJ began in 1999 after drawing inspiration from the sounds of early Detroit Techno and House. His sets today strike an artistic balance that blends a fusion of house, tech house, minimal, and techno; a quality that was directly shaped by his occupation as record purchaser for Detroit’s famed Record Time. John’s status in the electronic music scene began to rise when he produced Input/Output; one of the cities longest running weekly electronic music events. As host of the popular weekly series, John showcased local veterans and emerging international talents, who have all garnered worldwide acclaim. 
In 2005 John took up residency with Paxahau and became one of a select group of DJs to represent the promotional powerhouse behind the decks. His residency with Paxahau further propelled his career and gave him the opportunity to share his talents at shows in cities all across the US including Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Austin, Toronto, and many more. He also has played the Movement Electronic Music Festival three times in the last six years. As well John has also been the warm up dj for countless world-class artist's.
In the fall of 2009 John went overseas for his first tour of Europe. His sounds brought much acclaim and earned him a new following after performing in Berlin, Munich, and Zurich at popular venues such as Watergate, Club Der Visionare, and Cityfox @ Alte Borse.
John’s burgeoning talents in the studio have also be on showcase as he has released original tracks, remixes, and edits on multiple records label’s such as Left’d—the UK-based digital sub label of Leftroom. Culprit, Detroit’s KMS, and other prominent labels globally. John continues to stand out among Detroit DJs using creative skills & years of experience as resources to provide an unequaled mixing display.



B-Rad-(El Cartel,Almost Famous) - Chicago, IL (Tech-House)

The birthday boy himself celebrating his dirty thirty. The reason this gigantic MASSIVE event is even going down. If you still don't know who B-Rad is or what El Cartel stands for then pay attention. This man has been mixing for over 12 years playing anything from Ghetto Tech to Minimal to Funky House He's shared the stage with everyone from DJ Swamp to Adam X to Mixin Marc B-Rad has been working crowds all over the midwest for more then a decade but lately has stuck close to Chicago to sharpen his event production skills. El Cartel has transformed into a force to be reckoned with inside Chicago's electronic music scene. We extend the invitation to ALL OF YOU, to come celebrate his birthday and get down to some of his favorite deejays that were an inspiration to the madness that is El Cartel and check out B-Rad's special Bday set.. 

Elekid (World of Source, Distorted Trauma, SoCalConnect Music, Noise Complaint Records) -Chicago, IL(Hard Dance) 

From the age of 8 years old, Elekid has been completely submerged in electronic dance music. What started out him listening to Techno and House jams on Chicago's B96, soon became somewhat of an obsessive compulsive disorder with recording late night mixes by Bobby D., and hitting up local record stores such as Jumpin' Muzik and Hip House for bootleg House cassette tapes. In 1997, Elekid took the next and obvious leap of getting involved with DJing. As Chicago Hard House evolved, so did his tastes in edm. He would go on to add many different genres to his arsenal of tracks such as Hard Trance, Breaks, Jump/Tekstyle, Tech Dance, Hard Dance, and virtually the entire genre of Hardcore. Skip ahead to 2005 - Elekid finally acquires production software and sets off to do what he only dreamt about as a kid. In 2007, his track, Tekno Drugs, became a widely requested tune by his American Hard House peers and other Hard Dance DJs across the country, but would not get an official release until December of 2010. Here we are now entering 2012, and in the last 14 years, Elekid has become a household name in the United States across all hard electronic music boards. He has played for and amazed countless crowds across America, at a staggering number of events, and has been picked up by two record labels, SoCalConnect Music (LA), and Noise Complaint Records (MN), while still loyally representing Distorted Trauma and Chicago's very own, World of Source. You can check out Elekid's releases on, and coming soon to! If it's hard, it's Elekid.


DJ Datum (EL Cartel, Prankstas)-Chicago, IL(Dub Step) 

Datum began his love affair with the kick and snare at the legendary 90’s Chicago rave scene. After seeing his first show he knew it was his calling. After several years of performing from bedroom to bedroom, his art was on point and he was ready for the big show. Datum, along with several other like-minded people, formed the Prankstas. Together they threw some of the most legendary parties DeKalb has ever seen. To date the Prankstas have been a little more low key, but rumors are stirring that there will be a great return of the Pranksta movement in the very near future. From those days he moved up to play alongside some of the finest talent out there at all of the hottest spots in the Midwest. Datum has one of the most unique track selections, only following the beat to his drum. This master of the wheels of steel used his scratching, smooth mixing, and turntabilist tricks to conquer the DnB scene. Datum looked around to see where to expand his skills, as one would guess Dubstep was the next art to master. He took a bit of time off to focus more on his production and incorporating more technology into his sets, while still utilizing vinyl turntables. Soon he will release a full album and shake the world again. If you see this cat on a lineup whether he is playing DnB or Dubstep or Both, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Lady Raven -Chicago, IL (Dubstep) 

With a true passion for Dubstep, Chicago’s hottest up-and-coming female Dubstep DJ brings nothing but the dirtiest bass. Lady Raven has been headlining parties and creating new legions of fans all over the world. She has rocked crowds across Chicagoland at various nightclubs and underground events including Energy Night Club, Europa Night Club, Inkfest Live’s Operation Dubstep, and alongside Rusko, Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, and Designer Drugs at the Congress Theater. She has played in front of hundreds of raging Dubheads outside of Chicago in Ohio, Michigan, and Phoenix.

BenzoL!ve vs Skoobisnax (Ill Technicians)(Bass Technicians/TFU/El Cartel/Almost Famous/Undaground Elements) Chicago, IL (House) 

BenzoLive King on The 1's and 2's .......13year's on the Deck's ..Been all over the mid west.....universal in all genres of music . And have been giving prop's on my mixing skills from many heavy hitters in Chicago, such as Derrick Carter .NUff said,,,, (NO) dj in this city will out showboat me, unless they start doing some dj craze type shit, then I’m fucked .lol.....enjoy the music and see y’all this summer tearing shit up on the 1's and 2's and breaking ego's as I move forward in this dj game .. for free demo's it me up Benzolive Peace xo

Skoobisnax discovered his passion for dance music about 5 years ago, and immediately began to produce and DJ music. After years of practice, He hit the dance scene in chicago, and hit it hard. Skoobisnax is quickly becoming a well known name in the Chicago Underground, and is continuously working to bring everyone the freshest sets and coolest sounding original tracks possible. Skoobisnax can be seen all over Chicago playing anything from weekly club nights to the most balls to the wall raves in the city and beyond. Resident DJ with multiple production companies, his funky, energy filled Tech house sets, originally produced material, and solid track selection will have you jackin' all night and begging for more

Jay Oskulata -(2-4-5 Trioxin, Marvel Recordings) Chicago, IL(Dubstep) 

Jay Oskulata-245/Marvel Recordings Chicago dubstep and dnb producer/dj with a knack for creating and recreating heavy basslines, is a talent that definetly is not to be missed heard live slinging beats left and right while keeping crowds banging to the fullest you can catch him doing live pa's and dj sets all over the chicagoland area

Steel -(MIA) Chicago, IL(DNB)

Nelson Steele (AKA Steel) has a name that says it all. Spinning some of the hottest new Dnb, from jump up to jungle, this mans beats are as hard as his name. Street team extraordinaire and committed member of MIA, Steel has had the opportunity to work alongside one of the most influential DnB crews in the US, and work with some of the area's most talented DnB DJs. Since the 90's when jungle first arose, Steel fell in love and has been tuning his ear to pick only the best tracks. One things for sure, when this man gets behind the decks, shit's about to get real.


DJ Nieko-(Lunar Dance Unit, Eclectic Grooves, Acomplis Productions) -Chicago, IL (Electro House) 

A Chicago Native. Began Dj'ing in 2006. Nieko began his DJ career spinning funky house, eventually evolving into the electro house DJ he is today. Besides funky and electro house, Nieko has also been known to spin breaks, trance, dubstep, and DNB. Nieko is currently affiliated with the following crews: "Acomplis Productions", "Eclectic Grooves Chicago", "No Ratz", and "Lunar Dance Unit". Nieko has made appearances at many parties inside and outside of the Chicago city limits as well as outside of Illinois in places including Detroit MI, St. Louis MO, and Indiana and Wisconsin. Appearances include those at underground parties as well as bars and clubs throughout the Chicagoland area. A few of these include "Vision", "Zentra", "Weeds Pud", and "Tini Martini". Nieko is primarily known for his hard hitting electro beats mixed in a purely unique style and original productions.

Victor Amato -(Noyzz Recordings) -Chicago, IL(Breaks) 

Currently today Victor Amato is known as a versatile House - Breakbeat
Master Dj with over 18yrs under his belt. Victor Amato has performed in
some of the scene's most influential venues the Southeast & Northeast
has to offer. He has been featured on "Outbreak" 88.5fm Georgia State
University's radio station, as well as repeat guest spots on
"EDMSoundSystem" 91.1fm WREK Georgia Tech's radio station & "Masters
In The Mix" WCRX 91.1fm Columbia College Chicago. Notoriously vicious
behind the decks, Victor Amato has the unique ability to send chills
through the crowd by pulling them in dozens of directions during any
given show. Victor Amato has gained quite a fan base in the Midwest,
as well as joining the Unity Global roster. Working with B96fm radio
host, Julian OnTheRadio & Wu Tang Clan's Offical Dj Mixin'Mike at some
of the most influential venues the Midwest has to offer. Over the years
Victor Amato held several successful residencies throughout his career;
Club ANNEX - Athens,GA, "Breaks Movement" Whirlyball - Roswell,GA,
"Encore Latenights"w/ Pedro M & Dj Santana - Tampa,FL just to name
a few. Combining a traditional house mixing style with dedication to
the roots of all main genre's of House & Breakbeat. Victor Amato will
impress upon you a sound that is sure to have you wanting more, more,
Idiom -(CHA, Distorted Trauma, Mobcore)-Chicago, IL(Gabber, Speedcore) 

Initially starting off on the punk rock scene Idiom fell into gabber in '96 ever since he has played with top notch talent from all over the world,varying in so many subgenres. Now the head Of the Chicago Hardcore Alliance many people have compared him to the most dedicated person in the hardcore edm scene not letting up on issues of music equality.ENJOY
Shadow the Machine Angel -Bolingbrook, IL(French Electro) PROMO:  

Press Start ➧ and enter the Shadow The Machine Angel Universe. An electronic music producer/artist/performer & writer, who approaches the electronic music scene with a euphoric,emotional and powerful sound.Amazing live shows display Shadow The Machine Angel's visual charm as a graphic designer, fantasy stories of love and adventure, and emotional songs, will lure the audience into the night.A night of mystery and love...

Falco (So Iccy) -Chicago, IL(Dubstep) 
Dubbed out Beats, FUNKY Synths ,Hard hitting Basslines all with the Flair and skill like none other. You'll never know what Falco is Really gonna drop on the decks!

Misteries (Tru Family Unit)- Chicago, IL(House)

Music runs deep with Chicago native Misteries. His father a local musician, he found himself drawn to music at a young age, with a particular affinity for soul music. As a teen, he became heavily influenced by the Chicago rave scene of the 90s, particularly the first time he saw influential DJ and producer, Paul Johnson perform. By the end of the 90s, Misteries had purchased his first set of Technics, and a slew of soulful vocal house records.
In the early 2000s, Misteries perfected his craft and his reputation, playing at successful house nights at clubs like Zentra, Vision, and Funky Buddha Lounge, as well as underground events by collectives such as True Family Unit, Intergruv, House Arrest, Dust Tracks Ecclectric Grooves, to name a few. In the Summer of 2006, he was involved in a near fatal car crash, which left him in a coma and paralyzed his right arm. By that time the following year, he had learned to spin records with one functional arm, and started experimenting with Electro & Fidget house.
Since then, Misteries has launched a clothing line, Gunplay, and has started collaborating with Electro DJ & producer Eric Starkill with their project “Audio Assassins.” You can catch them performing around the Chicagoland area at a club or underground near you.
Now returning from his 9 month break from Chicago, Misteries is back, in a major way. Dropping everything from soulful & disco house, big room bangers, in your face electro and even a little moombahton. Don't expect to be seated during Misteries sets because the passion and fire he puts into playing is clearly shared with all those on the dance floor.

Source 1(World of Source)-Chicago, IL(House)

Cat Dog(Vevo Productions) Chicago, IL (House) 

Carlos Mercado -(Almost Famous)- Chicago (Hardstyle)

Carlos Mercado also known as DJ Vennom. Carlos Mercado has been spinning in the scene since the early 90s at clubs across Chicago including Club XL. He is making a big comeback in 2012 bringing the Hardstyle & the Hard Techno.

Maru - (Almost Famous)- Chicago (Drum n Bass) 

DJ Maru, a cross style and cross genre DJ who is always experimenting. Sure, there are my base styles of Drum and Bass, Breaks, Old Skool Hip Hop and House, but why stop there? Check out his mixes and original tracks, and let the groove take you.

Lyrek vs Lil Bit (Prankstas)-Chicago, IL (House)
>>>>LYREK <<<<< 
Lyrek has been spinning Swinging house beats, and Vocal mixes across the Midwest for a decade. Known for his flawless mixing technique and good vibe selections, Lyrek is sure to get any dance floor hopping. If you like cutting edge house selections, or "Sing Out Loud" classics, be sure not to miss this set!

DJ Lil Bit House/Minimal

Straight out of a small suburb of Chicago this DJ was the first female of her town to really lay it down on vinyls and get a crowd dancing till their feet hurt! In the past she has played locally at venues such as The House Cafe, The Rock Barn and much more, but now she just got back from her Twin City Tour and is tearing it up on the decks better then ever! DJ Lil Bit will be spinning a mixed set of Classic House with a new aged twist and a taste of some dirty heavy bass Minimal.
Since it's B-Rad's dirty thirty, we are giving anyone celebrating their birthday that weekend VIP for the night, you still have to buy a discounted ticket but you'll get to celebrate with B-Rad and get some exclusive behind the scenes access to this incredible show

Birthday List
Brad Hussey
Victor Amato
Camille Anatra
Tracy Calhoun
Melissa Hunter
Andrea Glancy
Nicholas Weiberg
Abe Ibbi
Danielle Baader
Matthew Rutzen

Tickets go on Sale 1/1-2/24

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Supported by
El Cartel
Almost Famous Entertainment
611 Records
The Pranksta
Coin Slot 
Catalyst Recordings
Ill Technics
Bass Technicians
Twisted Khemist
Juicy Graffix
Stage One Entertainment
Advanced Concert Productions
Loop I S M
True Family Unit
Accomplis productions 
Distorted Trauma
Chicago Hardcore Alliance
Vevo Productions
245 Trixion
Marvel Recordings
Love Child Productions
C.U.R.E. Productions
Durty Pretty Media

(Hit us up if you'd like to support/be added to the list)
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In the meantime support these quality events

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1-28 Mean Green 2 (Ill Technics)

1-28 Rave Loko (World of Source)

2-3 Super Mario Bass 2 (Undaground Elements)

2-10 HeartBeatz (World of Source)

2-11 Love is (Infrared Productions)

2-18 Juggernaut (Day One)

2-25 Insomniax (Virtual Insomnia)

3-2 Pisces Party (True Family Unit)

3-3 Flowin and Glowin 2 (Craver Entertainment)

3-3 Deep in the Jungle 3 (Mia)

3-10 Leprechaun Disco 3 (Unity)

3-16 The Lucky Leprechaun (Infared)

3-17 Shamrocked (So Iccy/Source)

5-4 Buena Vibra (El Cartel)

5-19 Cooking Woofers (Cooking Woofers)

6-16 Rebirth 616 (El Cartel)

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Tickets go on Sale 1/1-2/24

TICKETS AT THE $25.00 before Midnight $30.00 after Midnight


PS, roundeye tactics is not a drug reference, see if you can figure it out :D

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