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`It's time for you to answer now,' the Queen said, looking at her watch: `open your mouth a LITTLE wider when you speak, and always say "your Majesty."' -- `I only wanted to see what the garden was like, your Majesty," answered Alice. -- `That's right,' said the Queen, patting her on the head, which Alice didn't like at all, `though, when you say "garden," -- I'VE seen gardens, compare with which this…would be a wilderness.'


Greetings all you White Roses. A funny thing happened on the way back from Maryland, or maybe it was upstate New York, we're not quite sure. Giant Bear once again slipped the surly bonds of PEX transport and touched the face of, well we're not quite sure of that either. But he ended up calling us from a Bandersnatch payphone to tell us he found the perfect, pexfect spot to treat all you boppers (yes, that was a 'Warriors' reference) to Compression, as only The Philadelphia Experiment can conceive and deliver.


Welcome to the frumiously beamished Magic Garden Party. Join us for an outdoor, under-and-in-front-of-the-stars celebration of vibrant, participatory creativity, music, fire, dance, energy and love. Whether you're headed to the playa or sitting one out, this will be, as they have become, a legendary not-miss. So google map the rabbit hole, put the glass to your lips and drink up. !nedrag eht ni uoy ees


We are doing something new this time around, we will be providing normal entry tickets as usual but are adding additional 'Art Grant' tickets. These tickets will get you entry to the event and in addition a portion of the sales goes towards funding future PEX art grants! Give a little, give a bunch, any amount helps keep this amazing experience alive. 

We will be updating this page frequently, please check back for more information!

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25 Secret Street, Secret City, PA, 11111

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Billi Shakes / Dj Everyday / Lee Mayjahs?

Big Jawn / DJ Small Change / Michael NIghtime / Shaggy 2K / Shawn Hennessy / Gina Ferrera / Luck Burns / Philadelphia Fire Arts / Peter Parker & Parkerism / Xande Cruz / Liana Cameris / Leahtrixx