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The Philadelphia Experiment (PEX) is excited to announce the 5th Annual PEX Summer Festival July 4th-8th in Darlington, Maryland, (1 hour from Philly and Baltimore, 90 minutes from DC, and 2.5 hours from NYC)

4 Days of Music, Art, Workshops, Performances, Yoga & Speakers. Tons of DJs, Bands, Workshops, Live Performances, Participatory Art Installations, Theme Camps,  Effigy Burn,  Camping, Lake, Pool Parties, Hiking Trails, Fire Arts and Infinite Possibilities on 200 Acres in Darlington Maryland.
Amenities include Multiple Stages, Swimming Pool, Ropes Course, Fire & Drum Circles, Cafeteria, Food Trucks, Cabins, Tent & Car/RV Camping, Sport Courts, and Saturday Effigy Burn.

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David Starfire • a-Skillz • PhuturePrimitive • Bluetech • Fort Knox Five • Desert Dwellers • See I • Pumpkin • Aligning Minds • Telesm • Timmy Regisford • All Good Funk Alliance • Kilowatts • Lynx • King Britt • Invisible Allies • Treavor Moontribe • Qdup Foundation • Rob Paine • Davidson Ospina • Sean Thomas • Lee Mayjahs? • DJ Everyday • Justin Paul • Safarii • Big Jawn • Electrik• DJ Kramer • Nutritious • Soul Mob • Gamelatron • Lina Luv • MichaelNightTime • Tektite • Eric Jag • Setu Tribe • Coyoti • Marko Peli •Mighty Mike Saga • Reinhold • Mr. Jennings • Del • Seqouia • DJ Pony •Starseed • Tim The Enchanter • Jeremy Synz • Dope Solo • zemi 17 •B3ar • Dustin Smith • Paul Ohh • Teknacolor Ninja • Big Daddy • Teh Wallace •Paul Geddes • Shino Urena • Cardona • Mr. Black • Small Change • TommyHogunz


Aerial Silk Classes

Beginner Aerial Fabric w/ Ascend Flow Arts
Intermediate Aerial Fabric w/ Ascend Flow Arts
Beginner Static Trapeze w/ Ascend Flow Arts
Beyond Beginner Trapeze w/ Ascend Flow Arts
Beginner Aerial Hoop w/ Madeleine Belle
I Believe I Can Fly (Beginner Silks) w/ Mary Wood & Rachel Rubix
I Believe I Can Touch the Sky (Beginner II Silks) w/ Mary Wood & Rachel Rubix
Soaring, Tumbling, Freewheeling (Intermediate Silks) w/ Mary Wood & Rachel Rubix
To Infinity & Beyond (Advanced Silks) w/ Mary Wood & Rachel Rubi

Art & Creativity
Journey to the Core: Memoir Writing and Meditation w/ NicholasPowers
Inspirality Art Sessions w/ Kori Burkholder, Founder ofInspirality
Intro to Awesome Costume Sewing and Clothing Modification w/Charity Elizabeth
Making Juggling balls w/ Diabolo Dave & Josh Williams
Tinsmithing w/ Christian Breeden
Creative Hair Art w/ Amber & Idris Muhammad
The Art of Mehndi (Henna Tattoo) w/ Jexime
The Mandala: Sacred Art & Creative Expression w/ Xtina Carbone

Dance, Movement & Martial Arts:
Ultimate Bhangra Dance Workshop w/ Matthew Schmidt
Capture The Flag w/ Captain Shaggy
Transnational "Belly" Dance w/ Mavi
Slacklining with Motion Design's w/ Lex Peters
Emotive Movement w/ Aileen Lawlor
All-levels Capoeira w/ Instrutora Risadinha, Professor Neguinho,& Friends
JourneyDance™ w/ Jeanine Heart Chakra
Wild Woman Dance of Pleasure w/ Kiana Love
Souler Disco Roller Disco w/ K.J. Boheme and Sassy Fras

Fire & Flow Arts:
The Zen Art of Juggling w/ Diabolo Dave & Josh Williams
Vulcan Tech Gospel: Poi Flowers #1- Basics and Beyond w/ Noel Yee
Fire Fan Tech and Dance w/ Rae
FlowWand with long string w/ Aileen Lawlor
Double Staff ~ All Levels w/ Dale Fisher
Cyr Wheel Workshop w/ Randy Kato
Partner Choreography for Spinners w/ Noel Yee & Special Guest

Healing & Medicinal Classes
Thai Partners Massage w/ Damion Bond, aka The Muse, and Jordan LaLiaison 
Reiki Healing w/ Ronny Bee
Herbal Medicine Making Class – Making Infused Oils and Tincturesw/ Dan Farella
Magic in the Making - Absinthe w/ Leon Milmeyster
Techniques to Find Out What Foods Are Right For YOU! w/ GraceKurlander
Wild Foods Plant Walk w/Show & Tell w/ Dave Siller

Hooping Workshops
3D Play Workshop for Hoopers w/ Bex Burton aka THE BEX!
Ali Luminescent's Fun Hoop Lessons! w/ Ali Luminescent
Rufio's advanced off body & tosses workshop 101 w/ Rufio
"Blind" Flow w/ Baxter
HoopSkool: Beginner Level w/ Ted Brancu
Hoop Vinyasa w/ Jewels, Sandhi, & Liana

Music & Singing:
Brazilian Percussion Workshop w/ Xande Cruz
Circle Singing    w/ Madi

Spirituality & Inner Development:
Bring in the God! A Men's Circle of Brotherhood, Depth and Love.w/ Erik Bryan Slavin
Connecting Through Your Roots w/ Kc Schweickert
Liberation beyond the dance floor w/ MC Sheeyahshee from MesoCreso

Yoga Classes:
Hatha Yoga w/ April Rameé
Yo-Fu Workshop w/ Gabrielle de Burke (a.k.a. Plum Dragoness)
Yoga for Newbies w/ Liana Cameris
ECSTATIC : An Electric Yoga Experience w/ SelflessLotus aka Ryan Daniel Smith and DJ Beatrix of Meso Creso
It's Yoga-time bitches! w/ Sandhi Ferreira
Exercise your Right for Flight - an AcroYoga Playshop w/ Greg Franklin & Kathryn Ulrich
Yoga: Sweatier &Sweeter w/ Jewels


Camp Chemistry
Camp Chemistryconcocts a petri dish of open positive progressive lifestyles, a potion ofworkshops and events celebrating illuminated eroticism.

Street St.
OneironautsPresent: Street St. Captain Chaos strikesagain, forcing you to embrace the nonsensical, and bizarre so maybe just maybeyou don't take life so seriously.

live withoutboundries
are camp is forartist, musicians and like minded party people to meet an get together an makemusic, create art or just dance an have fun....

Dubstar Island
AHOY MATEY! I seeye be lookin for a good spot to drop yer anchor fer awhile. Come lounge in ourcuddle puddle, keep watch from the observation deck, dance to sultry piratebeats, or burner fish for new friends! We be meetin here for all Larp and Zarpactivities, an all yer grog guzzlin, sword swallowin, and pirate playadventures. Bring yer own rum... and monkeys!

Rat Camp
Rat Camp was bornfrom the sweltering depths of PEXFest 2012. Situated with a stunning view ofthe dumpsters on the base of the White House lawn, Rat Camp will seduce youwith our charm, wit and tasty beverages. Your notions of hippie-dippie lovewill be destroyed by our snark, physical comedy and airing of grievances.

Disorient is anopen creative platform powered by love.

Camp BoozeHole,Home of the Grampage
Welcome to CampBoozehole, Home of the Grampage! Have you seen those assholes waking around at4am with a watermelon in lightup stroller? That would be us. Have you seenthose assholes on the swimming pool dance floor dressed like old ladies andgentlemen? That is ALSO us! Now New and Improved this year providing ageriatric daycare for all your daytime hospice needs. Come on by and put boozein your hole. Or somebody else's hole. We don't give a shit.

Pexican Exchange
From wigs towhoopee cushions, party hats to playa wear, we have fun stuff available fortrade. Come visit our camp to get out of the sun and to check out ourassortment of random stuff. We have a wide variety of things that areinteresting, fun, useful, decorative, funky, playafied and something here hasyour name on it! We accept all manner of trades, including ice and booze, socome on by and make an offer. You didn’t bring something to trade? Try one ofour Challenges for Cheap-Asses to win a shot at claiming your very own PexicanExchange goods.

Team Awesome
Team Awesome is asmall group of amazing creative people who love to gather to chill, chat, danceand listen to fabulous music. We do this whenever we can and our gatherings arefamous for the magical energy we generate. We love to share that energywhenever we can, meet new amazing people and expand our galaxy. This summer wewant to share that energy with PEX. 

Chillax Deluxe
A magical, shadyoasis serving up the finest in psychedelically delicious Ambient, Lounge,Downtempo, Chill-out & Triphop.

Digital NativeVillage
Chillin our lounge. Absorb some tunes. Experience our many environments. Bring theblinkies and feel the soul. Digital Native is the place to relax, and we’rehands on deck. Comfort and utility.

The Grove
The grove isplace to let your hair down. An organic, bamboo shade structure provides theperfect getaway from the hot summer days. Take a load off, relax, and swinglife away in one of the hammocks in our hammock garden. Cool down and refreshat the hydration station. Check out some art or even get your hands dirty. Allthe while, setting the mood under our now infamous fireflies. 

one love camp
There will alwaysbe irie vibes at the One Love Camp. From the morning Tea Time to the afternoonMeditation to the evening Reggae Around the Campfire. Enjoy the Peace andBlessings, and Give thanks!

Syndicate islanding at PEX this year, and we’re looking for you. We’ll be touching down ina small clearing at the edge of the woods, and quietly setting up ourIntergalactic Lounge with the hopes of luring unsuspecting festival-goers intojoining our other-worldly fun. If you see strange lights and hear weird noisescoming from the woods, it’s probably us. We won’t be experimenting on cows, orconducting any late night abductions (but probing is not out of the question).Come visit us in our lounge, but don’t bother telling your friends or the presswhat you see here, they’ll never believe you…

Meso Creso
Meso Creso is atrans-cultural artist’s collective that promotes cultural awareness, inspirescreativity without boundaries, social consciousness and innovation and providesa place for people to find their inner brightness and light. 

WhatWould Ductape Do

Comrades, Revolutionaries and Babushkas! Join together now forthe good of the PARTY! It's an all out class war and PEXikstan is the ImperialPalace in which you can join your brother and stand as the true imperial elite!Sure, sacrafices must be made, borders must be crossed andself-inflicted brainwashing is mandatory, but is all for the good of theParty!

Revolutionary Libations will be rationed out,sign up for Tzar Search, and prepared to be dazzled nightlywith performances and djs in the RED Square! Bring your furry hats! NaZdorovie, Comrades!


PEX Summer Festival is a participatory experience. Art is desired in every dimension! Bring your ideas, innovations, unique visions and creativity and help us to explore the depths of who we really are! We are inviting artists, performers, sculptors, musicians, dancers, builders, and creative people of all types!

PEX Summer Festival is pleased to announce the availability of art grants intended to help defray the costs of materials and transportation related to creating and presenting works of art at the PEX Summer Festival.  Art Grant Deadline is April 1st.

Giants Cube
By VJ Kevlar
Philadelphia, PA
The Giants Cube is a 18 feet high x24 feet wide multi-sensory interactive piece that will evolve throughutilization of technology, human interactions and performances. Videoprojection, Laser raytracing & Art, computer imagery, 3rd dimensionalvisual techniques, and Human interaction controllers will be brought togetherto blast photons into your imagination and the Forest nearby. From Dancer, toPoet, to visual Artist, to Space Invaders’ experts there will be moments whereall could activate the power in the Cube.  See the schedule posted in theGiantsCube area near the Amphitheater to participate and experience.  

Accepting visual submissions: If youhave created a visually stimulating film, special effects, motion graphics, ororiginal VJ content bring it along in Quicktime format. 

Pollin 8 Inn
By Anastacia Spada
Jersey City, NJ
In the summer of 2013, anUnidentified Flying Object crash landed in Ramblewood.  Scientists weredispatched to the area to perform a detailed analysis and determine if theobject was a threat to humans.  Upon approaching the object, they saw thatit resembled a larger-than-life pink flower.   It was determined that theobject posed no danger, and humans flocked to see the strange, foreign object. 

By Tracy Gillan
New York, NY
Night-time LED Tennis returns!!

A Summerfest Portrait
By Rolf (Evan Cairo) Cunningham
Philadelphia, PA
A large, long landscape orientatedlive painting portrait of the lower pond area, complete with effigy and peopleand other art that might occur. This evolving portrait of the event will morphand grow during the course of the event, culminating in a time lapse portraitof the event itself, which will then be taken back to my studio for finishingtouches and then auctioned off, with all proceeds returning to the PEX artgrant budget for the following year. 

Glowfield 2.0
By Animus Collective
New York, NY
On Saturday night, Animus will takeover the small clearing at the base of the Pavilion hill with a field ofphosphorescent grass.  In addition to the phosphorescent grass, Animuswill explore the existing aesthetic with circles of red glow sticks which willresemble beautiful flower patches. It will be extraordinary. 

The Great Sphynxter
By Christian Breeden
Charlottesville, VA
This piece borrows its theme fromthe monumental architecture of ancient civilizations.  It will radicallyalter the landscape which it inhabits and create spaces for people tocongregate. The Great Sphynxter represents a powerful and wise figure, largerthan life, whose purpose and intention are shrouded in mystery.  My GreatSphynxter legend involves the quest for answers and the discovery ofquestions... “for it was there that I discovered him,...wandering lost andalone in the desert, far from the lights of the party, confused, naked,bewildered....I leaned my ear to the mouth of the Great Sphynxter and heard himmuttering ancient wisdom.”

Flight of the Pheonix
By Christian Breeden
Charlottesville, VA
The Phoenix legend is one ofself-transformation: as the benevolent bird dies, it is engulfed in its ownflames, only to be reborn from the ashes of its former self. Our Phoenix tooshall transform with the setting of the sun, taking on new life at night as herfeathers light up and glow. Her beak will be equipped with flame effects andshe will spit fire high above our heads, into the dark sky. Over the days andnights of PEXSF, I hope people will be enchanted by the dream-like specter ofthis unique and magical beast, wrapped in her dance of creation anddestruction. 

The Electric Expression Garden
By Gaetan Spurgin
Philadelphia, PA
My goal: To give participants adestination of the senses. The Egg Installation (a 2011 PEXSF funded GrantProject) is complemented with new seating with a nest facade and lighting. TheEgg Chamber is now part of a series of interactive art installations known as“The Electric Expression Garden.” The evolved Egg will be able to host nearly20 participants on its platform, with new canvases, more thrills and more pimp…custom died fabrics  and prayer flags will add to its beauty. A prayerflag station will be part of its interactive element. There will be a system ofsmall audio pods hidden in the forest and around the festival that will play avariety of collected content via PODS, as well as featuring numerous soundscapes by local artists. These PODS move daily and only broadcast sporadically.In addition, the Video Archis is an archway that is made up of a series ofsquare projection panels that creates the entry way into the Egg area whichprojects the content of the PODS. The listener and the watcher are also theparticipant.

A Biomimetic Reflection
By Lauren Raske [design &fabrication], Leigh Olesen [digital technology], and Svaya-Nano founder, BenWang [material]
This installation is an explorationof light and perspective through biomimetic structural color. Simple in designyet quite complex in a nano-engineered depth, panels create a color spectrumdependent on the light and shadow surrounding the structure. It speaks visuallyby reflecting a vast and wide color story told by the sun, programed LED’s, thelocation of the audience, and their refections. During the day these panelswill reflect and refract light from the sun, which also provides power for abattery system wired with circuits and series of RGB LEDs. The night-scapeexplores patterns of front and back lighting of the material, playing withpresence and absence of light in a peaceful, inquisitive, and curious program.

The Bayt
By Meso Creso
Washington, DC
Meso Creso’s tent (bayt) is anextension of our mission—to promote cultural awareness, inspires creativitywithout boundaries, social consciousness and innovation and provides a place forpeople to find their inner brightness and light.  The bayt not onlyprovides a physical shelter.  The repurposed sailboat sails represent thefreethinking nature and exploratory spirit of our camp, while the eclecticnature of our décor reflecting an openness to all cultures and lifestyles. Thenew bayt will incorporate recycled sales, utilize a sailboat mast as a centerpole, have a high weatherproof ceiling, use bamboo for side poles, incorporatesafety stake lighting art, and host artistic endeavors the camp has garnered areputation for doing well in the past, such as: VJ and DJ art, environmentalnight and day décor, a full sound system and dance floor, and an afternoonworkshop space for yoga, open mics and other forms of expression. 

Kinesis: The Electric Garden 3.0
By Wendell Adkins
Alexandria, VA
Kinesis: The Electric Garden Project3.0 is part of a mobile traveling light show that is powered by sun and wind,presented in whimsical forms of biomorphic stylings to make these energycollection sculptures more pleasing to the eye. This incarnation willincorporate two main Electric Garden subprojects: The Gateway To The Future 2.0and Solar Charged Wish Spires. These subprojects are part of a series thatgives practical structure to self sustaining interactive lighting art. Besidesbeing a fun and interesting installation to walk through and interact with, ittends to attract those seeking contemplation, generates conversation, isthought provoking, and has proved to be a memorable part of events wherever itis presented. In Version 3.0, elements from other smaller subprojects, BottleLights and solar charged Sof-T designs that double as a shade structure, areincorporated as well.

Kamp Kounselors Tree of Light
Kamp Kounselors
N. Bethesda, MD
For the past four years at PEXSummer Fest, Kamp Kounselors have provided an interactive social setting andlounge which the community enjoys 24 hours a day. It is a true living room area­- an outdoor place where all are welcome to relax, dance, visit, laugh, sleep,read, meditate, and listen to music in the midst of comfort, shade... bubblesby day, and an aura of light by night. 

The Evolution of Expression: LiveArt
Lakewood, OH
By RaeVena
Everyday Rae will set up hereasel  near the stage and  paint nearly all afternoon and late intothe night to capture inspiration from music in color!  To meet peopleenthusiastic about her work, and get to interact with them.. is one of the mostrewarding & inspiring things to have developed in her life...  

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We encourage you to buy tickets early to guarantee you get one and to save money!  As each tier sells out the next tier will become available even if this is before the start date.  Lower tier tickets are available on a first come first served basis and by date!

1st Tier:  $ 125  Sold out.
2nd Tier: $ 145  Sold out.
3rd Tier:  $ 155  Sold out.
4th Tier:  $ 175  Sold out.
5th Tier:  $ 185  On sale now!
Gate:      $ 200  July 4th till Event End. Online or at the Gate (Sorry, No Cash @ Gate, Credit Only)

General Admission Festival Pass includes all entertainment, off-site parking of standard vehicle, and on-site tent camping. There will be no vehicle access during event. Cabins, Meal Plans, Car/RV Camping and RT NYC Bus tickets are additional to individual admission tickets.

This is a 18+ event only
. Children under 8 years of age can attend the event only accompanied by a parent or guardian and are free.

Individual Bed in a cabin $120.00 This is for one bed in a shared cabin, 4 nights, has restroom and shower in cabin

Round Trip NYC Bus Tickets $55

Cabin Reservation $840-$1560
NOTE: This year ALL numbered cabins (the ones along the main road of the festival) – will be designated as ArtCabin™ Row. All individuals/groups securing a numbered cabin along this road will need to also submit a proposal of funky intent. This means we just want to know what your plans will be to trick out the exterior of your cabin, so that we may plan for you. Think of ArtCabin™ Row as the Esplanade of SummerFest. 

Meal Plan Reservation $65.
Five meals are included in the meal plan. Brunch & Dinner will be served in the cafeteria buffet style starting Friday Morning.

Car Camping Reservation $65.
Forget luggin' your tent down the hill! This provides you with an approximately 20'x20' space where you can park your car and set your tent up right there on site. Have the extra security of keeping valuables locked in your car. (1 standard vehicle per space)

RV Camping Reservation $130. SOLD OUT
This provides you with an approximately 20'x40' space where you can park your RV and setup some outdoor space too.

No refunds.
All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be issued. Service fees are non-refundable.
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Ramblewood Resort

2564 Silver Road, Darlington, MD, 21034

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