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PEX, Dj Everyday, Lee Mayjahs?, Justin Paul, Miguel Migs, Big Jawn, Discount, Marques Wyatt, Davidson Ospina, Elite Force, Rob Paine, Eric Jag, Zach Moore, Randy Seidman, All Good Funk Alliance, Empresarios, Rich Medina, Nappy Riddem, Willyum, Sean Thomas, Reda Briki, Neil Kurland, Marko Peli, Kanizzle, Lina Luv, Electrik, Smoke, Dustin Smith, Ross D, Coyoti, Gindi, Matt Cue, DJ Dozia, Lee Jones, John Dill, The Plum Dragoness, Lenkadu, Vitamin Devo, Del, Dirty, Matt Cue, Mr. Black (Ferdinando Stagni), Friar Tuck, Sylvia Platypus, Nickodemus, Badman, Barney Iller, Billy Werner, Blake La Bounty, Bullbuckers, Consider the Source, Deep C, Down Jones, Elliot Lipp, Foxxy, Hennessey, Joshua Tennant, June Rodriguez, Lynx, Meeshu, Michael Nightime, Pat Bedeau, Polysonic & Ecode, Seqoia, Shakey, DJ Small Change, Swift Technique, The Architech, Thick & Thin, Tsunami Rising, Warp 11, Vishal Kanwar, The Wonder Bars, Xande Cruz, The Elders, The Gamelatron, Arche Dream for Humankind, Beatmiser, Wicked Cozy, Felipe, Hypnotoad, Karmakanik, Peter Parker, Psyryn, Rakshasi Hornpipe, Theta Waves, Time Lock

3 Days of Music, Art, Workshops, Performances, Yoga, Speakers. Over 65 DJs, 20 Bands, 80 Workshops, dozens of Live Performances, Participatory Art Installations, Theme Camps and Infinite Possibilities on 200 Acres in Darlington Maryland.
The Philadelphia Experiment (PEX) is excited to announce the 4th Annual PEX Summer Festival June 29th-July 2nd in Darlington, Maryland, (1 hour from Philly and Baltimore, 90 minutes from DC, and 2.5 hours from NYC)
The festival will be hosted on 200 private acres overlooking the Susquehanna River with Tons of Dj's, Bands, and Performers + Art Installations, Effigy Burn, Workshops, Speakers, Camping, Lake, Pool Parties, Hiking Trails & Fire Arts
Amenities include Multiple Stages, Swimming Pool, Ropes Course, Fire & Drum Circles, Cafeteria, Food Trucks, Cabins, Tent & Car/RV Camping, Sport Courts, and Saturday Effigy Burn.
PEX Summer Festival is a participatory experience. Art is desired in every dimension! Bring your ideas, innovations, unique visions and creativity and help us to explore the depths of who we really are! We are inviting artists, performers, sculptors, musicians, dancers, builders, and creative people of all types! June 1st is the Deadline for general guide submissions.
2012 WHAT WHERE WHEN GUIDE OUT NOW! The official That's What's up! Guide (pdf) is now available for download and the venue site map has been updated for 2012. Peruse the scheduled weekend lineup of over 65 DJs, 20 Bands, 80 Workshops, dozens of Live Performances, Participatory Art Installations, Theme Camps and Infinite Possibilities on 200 Acres in Darlington Maryland.
PEX Summer Festival is pleased to announce the availability of art grants intended to help defray the costs of materials and transportation related to creating and presenting works of art at the PEX Summer Festival.
Make PEX Summer Festival YOUR festival and help get the word out to the rest of our Phamily by word of mouth, forwarding this along, RSVPing/inviting them on Facebook. They betta’ recognize! Let them know what an amazing experience PEX Summer Festival is and we what them to join us and share the LOVE and excitement!

Save money. Make friends. Looking for a fun and easy way to get to PEX Summer Festival? Carpool with other festival goers and get the party started before you even reach the gates!
Join our mailing list below to keep updated with PEX Summer Festival Announcements.
Pictures from last year are up here:

Return of the Gamelatron!!!

All Good Funk Alliance, Washington, DC
Badman, St. Augustine, Fl.
Bullbuckers, Wilmington, De.
Consider the Source, New York, NY
Ecode, Philadelphia, Pa
Plum Dragoness & The Elements, Philly, Pa
Elliot Lipp, New York, NY
Empresarios, Washington, DC
Foxy La Tigre, Philadelphia, PA
Hennessey, Philly, Pa
Joshua Tennant, New York, NY
Lenka Du, Boston, Ma.
Lynx, Los Angeles, Ca.
Nappy Riddem, Washington, DC
Swift Technique, Philly, Pa
Sylvia Platypus, Philly, Pa
The Bullbuckers, Wilmington, DE 
Tsunami Rising, Philly, Pa
Warp 11, San Francisco, Ca.
Wonder Bars, Philly, Pa
Xande Cruz, Philly, Pa

Barney Iller, New York, NY 
Beatmiser & Wicked Kozy New York, NY
Big Jawn, Philly, Pa 
Billy Werner ,Philly, Pa 
Blake La Bounty, Los Angeles, Ca.
Coyoti, Philly, Pa 
Davidson Ospina, New York, NY
Deep C, Philly, Pa 
Del, Philly, Pa 
Dirty, Philly, Pa 
Discount, Philly, Pa 
Down Jones, Philly, Pa 
Dustin Smith, Washington, DC
Electrik, New York, NY 
Elite Force, London, UK 
Eric Jag, Los Angeles, Ca. 
Everyday, Philly, Pa 
Felipe, New York, NY 
Foxxy, Charlotte, NC 
Friar Tuck, New York, NY 
Gindi, Denver, Co 
Hypnotoad, New York, NY 
Jeff Heart, Philly Pa. 
John Dill, New York, NY 
June Rodriguez, Philly, Pa 
Justin Paul, Los Angeles, Ca.
Karmakanik, Philly PA 
Knizzle, Washington, DC 
Lee Jones, Philly, Pa 
Lee Mayjahs, Philly, Pa 
Lina Luv, Philly, Pa 
Marko Peli, Washington, DC
Marques Wyatt, Los Angeles, Ca.
Matt Cue, Philly, Pa 
Meeshu, Kauai, Hawaii 
Michael Nightime, Philly, Pa
Miguel Migs, San Francisco, Ca.
Mr. Black, Montezuma, Costa Rica
Neil Kurlander, Baltimore, Md.
Nickodemus, New York, NY
Orbicles, Philly PA 
Pat Bedeau, London, UK
Peter Parker, Philly PA 
Psyryn, Philly PA. 
Rakshasi Hornpipe, New York, NY 
Randy Seidman, Los Angeles, Ca.
Reda Briki, New York, NY 
Rich Medina, Philly, Pa 
Rob Paine, Philly, Pa 
Ross D, Philly, Pa 
Sean Thomas, Philly, Pa 
Seqoia, Washington, DC 
Shakey, New York, NY 
Small Change, New York, NY
Smoke, New York, NY 
The Architech, Philly, Pa 
The Elders, Baltimore, Md 
Theta Waves, New York, NY 
Thick & Thin, Charlotte, NC
Time Lock (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Vishal Kanwar, Washington, DC
Vitamin Devo, San Francisco, Ca.
Willyum, Philly, Pa 
Zach Moore, San Francisco, Ca.

Theme Camps:
Camp Yoda
The Imaginarium
Living A Painting
Outside The Box
Tarot Tea Room
Theta Dome & Chillax Deluxe
The (Delawarian) Embassy
Meso Creso
Disorient Light
GMO Decontamination Zone
Horny Camp
The Wabi Sabi Grove
Camp Photon
TL’s Black Light Jawn
Digital Native
Whisky & Whores
Kamp Kounselors

Art Installations:
Balloon Chain by Michael Cha*
Big Sid by Christian Breeden*
Big Swinger by Thibeaux Lincecum*
Boob Hunt by Victor Priego & Crew*
Chime-A-Mid by Christian Trella
Electric Garden 2.0 by Wendell Adkins*
Escape Pod Earth by Alex Kane & Eriq Ellixson*
Flaming Lotus by Reno Rox
Flowered Lamp Posts of Light and Love by Brando and Meso Creso*
Gamelatron Returns!!!!
Horse and Buggy-Hay Bail Rides by Vicco von Voss*
Mantis Garden: Birth of PEXus by Gaetan Spurgin*
NYC 2012 C.O.R.E. Project: The Roeblingagon
PEX Summer Festival Effigy by Monk E Burnswell & Hedy Sirico with accompanying Sound Tower by Monk E Burnswell*
PEXas by Stefan Spins & Brent VanDyke*
Promethea by Steve Shorts*
Re-Re-Resolution v2.0 by Fady Isleem*
Russian Roulette Wheel & Guns by Russian Roulette Variety Show*
Shine On Shade Structure by Kate Sclavi
Summerfest Summerfun Photo Booth by Anastacia Spada*
The Roeblingagon by NYC CORE Project Team
TOAD by Boris "Burning Elf" Connell, David Katz & Lori "Lollygoa" Connell*
Tronnis by Tracy Gillan*
* PEX Summer Festival Art Grant Recipients

ArcheDream for HUMANKIND
David London
Delicious Boutique Fashion Show & Passional Fashion
SEW Thoughtful Fashion Show
The Russian Roulette Variety Show
The Showdown: First Annual PEX Hoop Battle
Transformation Station and Live Art Annex

Dragon Spirit Yoga™ w/ Gabrielle de Burke (Plum Dragoness)
Electro Belly Dance w/ Rio
Creative Hair Art w/Amber Muhammad
Body Mechanics for HoopDancers and Teachers w/ Bex Burton aka THE BEX
Beginner Aerial Silks w/ Amanda Silaski
Yoga Flow & Detox w/ Jewels
Thai & Fly: Union of AcroYoga Therapeutics and Thai Massage w/ Melinda Erickson & Sandhi Ferreira
Creative Hair Art w/Amber Muhammad
Aerial Yoga - A class on Spine Heatlth w/ Jennuine
Middle Eastern Drumming w/ Liron Peled
Motion Design's Slacklining
Holistic Circus Therapy w/ Jill Maglio
Nia w/ Niamiga Amandita
Welding! W/ Joe Campbell
Ultimate Bhangra Dance Workshop w/ Salil Bhandari & Matthew Schmidt
Pasty Making Workshop w/ Kate Sclavi (Kitten Kaboodle)
Moving with Things w/ Michele Clark
Throwing Up w/ Diabolo Dave
Tinsmithing Returns w/ Christian Breeden
Dynamic Manipulation (Contact Juggling) w/ Jeff Calafato
Bring In The God: A Men's Circle of Brotherhood, Depth and Love w/ Erik Bryan Slavin
Motion Design's Acrobatic Yoga
Medicinal Herbology w/ Sarah Cohen MD
Capture The Flag WITH FOAM SWORDS! w/ Captain Shaggy
Souler Disco Roller Disco w/ Sassy-Fras and KJ Boheme
Aerial Silks: Getting Started w/ Egypt & Miss Mary
Graphic Spinning w/ Simon
Double Hoop Intensive w/ Ali Luminescent
The Spirit of Acupuncture Through Movement w/ Daniel Nemer, L.OM
Motion Design's Acrobatic Yoga
Recycled Art w/ Gnomes Grown
The Bertha Butt Boogie w/ Michele Clark
Beginners' Capoeira w/ Instrutora Risadinha & Instrutora Maravilha
Aerial Silks: Fear of Falling w/ Egypt & Miss Mary
Motion Design's Women’s Self Defense
Partner Poi w/ Mike & Jexime Icon
Creative Movement for Object Manipulators: Part 1 w/ Jeff Calafato
Pole Fitness
Aerial Skill Share and Practice Session w/ Egypt & Miss Mary
Orisha Songs Workshop w/ Shawn Hennessey
Beginning Poi: Freedom in Flow w/ Paul Dunkirk-Greenbaum
Meditation: A Practical Approach w/ Rio
Prana Yoga- A journey into life expansion w/ April Rameé
Circle Singing w/ Kathleen Hollingsworth
Beginner Aerial Silks w/ Amanda Silaski
Creativity and the Imaginal w/ Joshua Morrill, M.A.
Hoop Vinyasa w/ Jewels & Sandhi
Exploring Aerial Arts Through Invented Apparatus w/ Nina Charity
Traditional Staff Spinning 101 w/ Lucky
Yoga & the Poet-tree of Motion™ w/Gabrielle De Burke (Plum Dragoness)
Hoop.Tech.Sass. w/ Jennuine
JourneyDance™ PEX Revival w/ Jeanine the Dancing Chef
Advanced Hooping w/ Brad Rufio
Poi Fundamentals w/ Noel Yee
Soapstone Carving w/ Christian Breeden
Dr. Sketchy Sundays w/ Inky One & Inky Two
Contact Meteor w/ D.Menza
Yoga Nidra w/ Rio
Motion Design's Acrobatic Yoga
All-Levels Capoeira - Vamos Jogar/Let's Play! w/ Instrutora Risadinha & Instrutora Maravilha
HoopSkool: Intermediate w/ Ted Brancu
Beginner Aerial Tissu & Lyra w/ Zyra & Elux
Brazilian Percussion Workshop w/ Xande Cruz
Creative Movement for Object Manipulators: Part 2 w/ Jeff Calafato
Acupuncture Happy Hour at PEX Summer Festival w/ Rez Acupuncture & Caroline Grace Ashurst (Lina Luv)
Beg Partner Choreography for Spinners w/ Noel Yee
Recycled Art w/ Gnomes Grown
House Dance Workshop w/ Urban Dance Academy (formerly Intermix Entertainment)
Intermediate Aerial w/ Zyra & Elux
Occupy the Self w/ Nicholas Powers
Freedom of Movement with Fire Fan Tech w/ Paul Dunkirk-Greenbaum
Magic in the Making – Absinthe w/ Leon Milmeyster
Smarrel, Warrel and Smeave- circuits for deepening transitional understanding
Basic Fundamentals & Techniques for Dj'ing w/ Deep C
Partner Aerial w/ Zyra & Elux
Tuvan Throat Singing w/ Liron Peled
Sacred Breath Root Chakra Meditation w/ Kc Schweickert

Expanded Food Court & Merchant Village
Jamaican Jerk Smoke Pit
Taco Taco Taco & Doggy Style Hot Dogs - 
Astral Tamales - Vegan Mexican
Yellow Submarine -
Earthly Eats - 
Funtastic Foods -
iCream - iCream, uCream, we all Cream for Ice Cream!

Delicious Boutique -
Ninja Pyrate -
EverBlaise Designs - www, 
Lefty Swag - T shirts with positive and political messages.
Intergalactic Hobo -
The Playing Mantis -
Burning Passion -
Kai Ku - Mens and womans up-cycled and recycled art couture

Get the word out! Please invite your friends and post.
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TICKETS ON SALE March 1st, 2012 @ Midnight!
Tickets for the event will be sold on a tiered pricing system Get your tickets early. We expect the event to sell out!
1st Tier: $ 125 SOLD OUT
2nd Tier: $ 145 SOLD OUT
3rd Tier: $ 165 SOLD OUT
4th Tier: $ 175 ON SALE NOW

Gate $ 190 June 29th till Event End. Online or at the Gate (Sorry, No Cash, Credit Only)
General Admission Festival Pass includes all entertainment, off-site parking of standard vehicle, and on-site tent camping. There will be no vehicle access during event. Cabins, Meal Plans, Car/RV Camping and RT NYC Bus tickets are additional to individual admission tickets.
This is a 21+ event only
Children under 8 years of age can attend the event only accompanied by a parent or guardian and are free.

Round Trip NYC Bus Tickets $45
Cabin Reservation $630-$1170 SOLD OUT
Meal Plan Reservation $65. Five meals are included in the meal plan. Brunch & Dinner will be served in the cafeteria buffet style.
Car Camping Reservation $50. Forget luggin' your tent down the hill! This provides you with an approximately 20'x20' space where you can park your car and set your tent up right there on site. Have the extra security of keeping valuables locked in your car. (1 standard vehicle per space)
RV Camping Reservation $100. This provides you with an approximately 20'x40' space where you can park your RV and setup some outdoor space too.

No refunds.
All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be issued. Service fees are non-refundable.
Please note you will need a preprinted shipped ticket or Print@Home printout with your unique printed ticket bar code. This will be required to enter the event or claim any reservation. Sorry, digital copies on mobile devices will not be accepted - print the bar coded ticket(s). Receipts also will not be accepted - don't forget your bar coded ticket(s).

Treat your preprinted shipped tickets like cash on hand. We are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. They will not be refunded or replaced.
Tickets are not refundable, however they are transferable. Take care in printing and storing your Print@Home tickets. If you receive a ticket from someone else make sure it is a reputable and reliable source. Duplicate tickets will NOT be honored. If you show up with a duplicate ticket, just a copy of your receipt, or digital image on your mobile device, you will be required to purchase a gate ticket if there are any left. Gate accepts credit cards only.

Contact Groove Tickets directly for ANY ticketing issues. You can email them or call them on thier 24 Hour Customer Support line. They are good peeps and they are happy to help you resolve any ticketing issues you may have including accessing your account and/or reprinting your Print@Home tickets.
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