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Our mission is simple - to provide round trip transportation for artwork, projects, bikes, and supplies from Philly to Black Rock City!


Just a reminder it's important that you label everything you put on the Containers.

This should include:

Your Real Name
Your Real Address
A working contact number.

Playa Name
Camp Name
Camp Address.

It's important that you put your real name and contact info on everything. If there is an issue w/ the containers and you want your stuff back, I'll guarantee you the shippers or authorities are not going to bother to try to contact Little Lord Puffy Pants, they will reach out to John or Jane Doe.

A lot of stuff gets left behind or mistakenly picked up by others during load out.  W/ out real contact info, there is no way to get this rectified.

 Once the containers are unloaded we are not responsible for your stuff, we have left stuff on the side of the road if no one comes to get it.  Don't let that happen to you

Remember, we are Volunteers and we GUARANTEE NOTHING.

There is no guaranteed arrival date on the playa. Once it leaves Philly, we have NO control. It has been made it clear to the shippers the nature of the shipment and that it can be an issue of someone's survival if the container is late.

• • BINS
Please either purchase or bring your own yellow topped bin. You can easily get these at either Home Depot or Lowes. If you have odd sized items that do not fit in these bins, you will be responsible for the volumetric rectangular space it takes up in 6 cubic feet units rounding up. Space on the container will be sold in 6 cubic feet increments for $42, which roughly translates to $7.00 per cubic foot. That’s $42 to ship your bins round trip to BRC and back to Philadelphia. If you have larger containers or other odd shaped items such as PVC poles, they will be measured the same way in 6 cubic foot units. If you have a very large or odd shaped package, let us know asap at

Please buy what you need. We will not refund, you WILL be responsible for loading the ENTIRETY of your purchase at once, and be legally responsible for its contents.

Container Vital Specifications:
Inside Dimensions: 8' 3" Wide x 8' 11" High
Door: 8' 2"(w) x 8'11"(h)

• Important: please pack your bins fully & tightly! All loose items must be contained in a box or crate. Please use strong, durable, and reusable packing containers (as indicated above or better) since things will be stacked on top of your boxes. EVERYTHING MUST be ready to ship in a HEAVY DUTY bin. PLEASE DON’T cheap out on this as no one wants all of your stuff strewn about the playa if your bin busts. Your boxes must be well sealed and use zip ties for the yellow top bins. You will also want to use the same boxes to return your things home in. Cardboard and brittle plastic containers are NOT a durable, reusable, or strong shipping container in most cases, and will be crushed and rendered unusable for the return trip. Hundreds of pounds of items will be packed on top of your bins. People will walk on top of your things. Items will be jostled when the container is lifted from train to train. It’s not a moving truck so things will not be secure. Carpets must be rolled and bound tightly. PVC piping or conduit must be taped together. Loose or bagged (trash, shopping, or other thin plastic type) items are not acceptable! Army bags, backpacks are OK - keep in mind that they will be crushed.

• We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

• ALL BIKES MUST BE BOXED. ONE (1) STANDARD BIKE BOX IS EQUAL TO TWO (2) TICKETS. You must purchase 2 tickets per bike box - if you show up with one ticket and the container is sold out, your bike won't fit on the container.

All bicycles must be taken apart and put in boxes. NO objects may stick out of your box whatsoever. Things will be packed on top of each other. If you love your art bike, take care to protect it. Build a crate and load your bike in. Maybe you can stuff some extra supplies and tools in that crate if you do it right. If you do not prepare your bicycle as described above, it will not be put on the container.

• If you have a very large or odd shaped package, let us know asap at

• DO NOT ship crates that are impossible to move! Use common sense when building crates. If 1-2 people can't move it, your crate is too big! You are also not allowed to load a large empty crate into the container, and then load it once it is in the container.

• DO NOT ship drugs, guns, fireworks, illegal contraband, life forms, etc cannot be packed on the container. Your mistakes will jeopardize the entire Philly Container Project!! If we catch you with anything suspect, expect your items to be burned and you to be tarred and feathered and banned from PEX for life.

• Nothing flammable at high heat or questionable allowed. This means NO GENERATORS unless they are brand new, or have been completely dried out. We will check gas cans/tanks. If a container is not dry, it will not go on until you empty and dry it out. NO gasoline, gas of any kind, explosives, pressurized canisters or illegal substances. These containers will get VERY hot during their cross country trek. Consequently, anything that can be damaged by extreme heat should not be shipped on The Container. Take this seriously. This container will be on rail and in the sun for 10-12 days - without any ventilation. Any slow leak or evaporation of combustible materials/solvents could turn the box into a firebomb.

We reserve the right to open any container to check. If you blow up and/or cause the container to be searched because of suspicion of illegal substances, you risk delivery of the entire container if you do not follow these rules. Your goods must be packed in accordance to these guidelines in both directions or they will not be loaded in!

• Everything MUST BE LABELED for the Philly load-in and then on the Playa for the return trip to Philly. The label must have your name, camp information (if applicable), and when you will be unloading your things on the playa (so we can order the load in a bit). If is not labeled, it will not be packed in the container. Labels and Tags must be durable so they don't peel and come off. We recommend tags that tie on or marking directly with a paint pen, or laser printed stick on labels. Unlabeled items will not be loaded into the container. If you are splitting up your space or give it to someone else, then all names must be on the label! This means the label should have the name of the person who bought the space as well as the name of the person using the space.

This should include:

Your Real Name
Your Real Address
A working contact number.

Playa Name
Camp Name
Camp Address.

• If you are shipping an art car in the container, you must provide us copies of the "ticket" you receive for your vehicle. When vehicles are approved for on-playa inspection, the owners receive an invitation by email that is their "ticket" through the gate. This email includes the name of the vehicle and owner, and clearly states that vehicles without invitation letters will not be allowed into the event. There will not be any exceptions made - if you have a vehicle that falls under the DMV rules, you must provide this documentation. If you show up with a vehicle without proper documentation, we will not ship your vehicle. No refunds. Please provide us with hard copies of your paperwork on load-in day and forward us the email you received from the BMORG. Please refer to the DMV website for all relevant information.

Loading the container is hard work. This is a community driven project and as a collective effort, it is everybody's responsibility to load/unload their own stuff as well as help load and unload the container in Philly and on the playa. We ask that you consider this when planning your arrival and departure times. Bring beer, drinks, or food to help fuel the loading. : )

• Philly Load in
The Load-In date may change, please check back soon!
If for any reason you cannot be there that day and will be having someone else bring your things YOU MUST let us know by emailing and send your items with a NOTARIZED legal waiver which we will send to you prior to load-in.

• BRC Unloading
Container unloading will begin when the container arrives on the Playa, please check back for exact arrival dates! The container will only be open at certain hours. It will be closed by 10pm every night. And will open in the morning. It will remain open all day. Please be careful moving things around in the container. Please reload anything you removed while digging for your stuff.

• Post Burn Load-in
Reloading on the playa is the most difficult part of the process. This load-in begins on Sunday, September 4th from 10 am to 5 pm. You will need to RELOAD your things during these times. DO NOT just drop your things off at the container and leave without loading them in and helping out others. WE WILL NOT PACK YOUR THINGS FOR YOU from the playa. If the container is closed and you leave your things on the side of the container and take off…THEY WILL NOT BE PUT ON THE CONTAINER FOR YOU. Bad planning, flights and rides, and poorly thought out travel arrangements are no excuse for not loading your own stuff and sticking around and helping load up! If you drop unlabeled items off, there is no guarantee that you will end up with it back in Philly. You have been warned. Container loading will end and doors locked Sunday @ 6pm.

• Container Unload in Philly
Container load out is mid September on a weekend. Check back here for more information. Come early to help unload and get your stuff immediately. There WILL NOT BE ANY STORAGE AREA at the unload site, so please arrange to have someone pick your things up and help unload if you can't personally make it. If your items are not picked up on Unload Day, there is truly no place to hold them, and they will be left on the sidewalk.

• • Things NOT to do:
*Dropping things off at the load-ins and leaving without loading your stuff in the container.
*Dropping garbage off at the container site or shipping garbage back Philly.
*Not labeling items clearly.
*Not reloading items you unloaded that were in your way when unloading on the Playa.
*Using the container as storage during the week. Come get all of your stuff early in the week so you can play with it.
*Abandoning items at the loading/unloading area.
*Shipping hazardous or illegal materials.

• • All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be issued. Service fees are non-refundable.

• • By reserving space, you agree to all the above.

If you have any questions please contact us at

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Event Location


Frank's Kitchens

1581 N Randolph, Philadelphia, PA, 19122

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