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Morbid Angel with special guests Revocation, Skeletal Remains and CRYPTA at Vinyl Music Hall

Throughout history only a handful of artists have been ableto achieve a truly iconic stature within any given artform. Morbid Angel isamong those select few. Shattering the boundaries of creativity and imaginationwhile evolving with each groundbreaking release throughout its historic career,the band truly is an icon in extreme music. Continually serving as source ofcountless inspiration to the multitude of fans and never failing to amaze witheach evolving chapter. Formed in 1984 by founding member Trey Azagthoth, theFloridian band went through a number of lineup changes and recorded the demos"Scream forth Blasphemies", "Bleed for the Devil" and"Abominations Of Desolation", featuring Trey Azagthoth and RichardBrunelle on guitar, drummer/vocalist Mike Browning and bassist John Ortega.Azagthoth’s interests in the occult, ancient magic, witchcraft and theNecronomicon poured into the band’s lyricism, as the musical context grewdarker and attained definitive sophistication. The 7’’ single "Thy KingdomCome" was released in Europe in 1988 and Morbid Angel was preparing tomake a profound universal statement in form of a lineup consisting of guitaristTrey Azagthoth, drummer Pete Sandoval, bassist/vocalist David Vincent, andguitarist Richard Brunelle. Living together in several band houses which alsoserved as places for rehearsals and pulling their funds together to purchase anold school bus which they converted into a tour bus, Morbid Angel hit the roadon various underground touring adventures with the company of their mascot/headof security pit bull named Butch. On a shoe string budget and supporting onlythe various demos, the band made its way to places such as New York andperformed at the clubs "Streets" in the city and "Sundance"on Long Island. With the help from friends in the band Immolation, they managedto get a side job painting a shopping mall in upstate NY to help offsetexpenses on the many off days of this particular shake and bake tour. Also theband met with troubles when rolling though New Jersey and were pulled over andarrested, simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The bus wassearched and the police found some most interesting and alarming things whichlead to them holding the band for a while there in jail, including Butch.  So fitting for a group consisting of a bunchof freaks. Morbid Angel continued on their mission of Death Metal and was soondiscovered by Mick Harris of Napalm Death which lead to their meeting with DigbyPearson and their recording contract with Earache Records.


Altars Of Madness descended upon the world in May of 1989 asa raging storm, baffling the listeners with the insane amount of energy andadrenaline emanating from each track along with the finely-shaped musicalpassages and fiercely intense atmosphere. Nothing else sounded like this albumat the time and the fans of what was then considered to be ‘extreme’ music wereexposed to something truly out of this world. Recorded at Tampa’s MorrisoundStudios, the album catapulted to #1 on the UK Independent Chart, solidifyingthe band’s world-wide fan base. Morbid Angel found itself on the GrindcrusherTour in the UK alongside the awesome Napalm Death and Carcass, then continuingwith

Napalm Death on the Smash Teams tour throughout Europe. The followingyear Morbid Angel hit the road in the USA using their converted school bus andstill sometimes bringing along their pit bull "Butch", performing atmany underground clubs and taking part in the epic Michigan Death Fest eventwhich even the local mainstream news took part in.


Blessed Are The Sick, 1991’s sophomore full length releaseadorned in J. Delville’s painting ‘Les Tresors De Satan’ as cover art, isconsidered to be one of the most revered albums in metal history as well as apure musical masterpiece. The dark ambiance and classical overtones were deeplyengraved into the context, as Azagthoth credited Mozart for inspiration. Thesongs on the album have retained the venomous energy of its predecessor, yettook the sound another step away from this earthly realm, seeing the bandexpand thematically as well as musically. Morbid Angel was quickly becoming adevastating force to be reckoned with, not just within the metal community, butthe entire music field in general. Abominations Of Desolation, the band’sinitial pre-Altars unreleased debut, saw its release later that year, providingthe fans with an earlier chapter of the band’s work. Morbid Angel, however,were prepared to break another barrier.


Covenant, the third album released in 1993, was a truemilestone for the underground metal community and remains so to this day, beingthe first and only major label release by a death metal band. No compromiseswere made. In fact, this album is considered to be one of the darkest and mostSatanically-inspired releases by the band throughout its collection. The lineupconsisted of Trey Azagthoth handling the entire guitar assault and keyboardwork along with Sandoval and Vincent in their respective positions, as Brunelleexited the band in 1992. Covenant was produced at the familiar MorrisoundStudios, this time with the expertise of Flemming Rasmussen behind the mixingboard, as the final mixes were made at Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen. Theband toured extensively, enlisting live guitarist Erik Rutan for European datesincluding a run sharing the stage for the first time with Cannibal Corpse.Brunelle would make a brief return for a line of American concerts withMotorhead and Black Sabbath. The video for the single "Rapture"premiered on Headbanger’s Ball, followed by an interview with swat suit-cladDavid Vincent. The video for "God Of Emptiness" featured yet anotherthen-unseen feature in extreme metal – Trey’s use of the Ibanez 7-StringUniverse guitar, as he is a true pioneer of its full potential and applicationin the extreme metal genre. At this point Morbid Angel had become the livingproof that creativity did not have to meet the demands of conformity in orderto achieve commercial success. The band was ready to conquer and dominate further.


Domination, released in May 1995, was the band’s major labelrelease. Guitarist Erik Rutan creatively contributed to the material featuredon the album. This release was a grandiose, slime-ridden departure from itspredecessor. Applying a generous use of heavy grooves and power-driven detunedchordal progressions such as in the track "Where the Slime Live",which inspired yet another quite interesting video from the band. Morbid Angeltook on a long touring schedule throughout 1995 and into 1996. Starting intheir home state of Florida, the band toured extensively throughout America andEurope.


Entangled In Chaos, the official live album produced by TreyAzagthoth, was recorded during the Domination touring cycle. The band hadbecome an otherworldly organic slime-dripping machine from the swamps ofFlorida, far evolved musically and thematically from its initial commercial andunderground success. Morbid Angel had once again placed itself among theforefront of the extreme metal community with this incredibly powerful livealbum.


Formulas Fatal To The Flesh was released in 1997 as astrikingly different Morbid Angel effort in comparison to its predecessor. Withthe departure of David Vincent and now with Trey Azagthoth creating all thecompositions and lyrics, Morbid Angel extracted from the Abyss this newmasterpiece of feeling and imagination, taking things to a whole new level insong writing. The use of the extra sick guitar harmonies and polyrhythms inconjunction with the deep occult lyrical formulations, resulted in this totallymind bending artistic work. This groundbreaking release contained the most deepand beautifully ugly, meanist material, and introduced new bassist/vocalistSteve Tucker into the lineup. According to the diehard followers of MorbidAngel, this album harkens back to the Altars era with its rage-filledatmosphere. Though far evolved technically and conceptually from its eight-yearpredecessor, Formulas Fatal To The Flesh showcased Morbid Angel for what theband was first and foremost – a brutal, seething creature of sickness, depthand unrelenting ambitions. Delivering this uncompromising material live pluswith a fine collection of older classic songs and the return of Erik Rutan as atouring guitarist, Morbid Angel set a clear milestone again as for a band thatreally delivers in concert. Steve Tucker was greatly received by the fans andperforming all the live material, including the older songs, masterfully.Sharing the stage with amazing bands such as Vader and Nile, Morbid Angelshowed once again that the repeated worldwide success certainly did not affectthe band’s underground drive nor purposes. Azagthoth’s guitar wizardry andspirit of innovation, including his psychedelic Wind Rift and the Anti-VacuumCulture micing techniques, made this album a remarkable effort in theapplication of a wide array of tones and textures side by side with some of hismost intense riffing. Along with Sandoval’s inhuman drumming and Tucker’sferocious vocal/bass attack, Formulas Fatal To The Flesh had become yet anothermilestone in the band’s unending evolution. After the successful touring forFormulas and the amazing vibe and undeniable power of the live performances,Erik Rutan returned to the fold as a contributing member, thus setting thefoundation for the next assault.


Gateways To Annihilation was the highly anticipated metalrelease of 2000. Opening with a chorus of swamp frogs, the album deliveredanother devastating blow to the ears of metal fans across the world. Thisrecord presented, in many of the song stuctures, a new and even more sick levelof poly rhythms over cold industrial swing foundations. With the majority ofthe tracks using the Ibanez 7-String Universe guitar, plus the continuedapplication of the innovative micing techniques with the new addition of theRoland Guitar Synth, Morbid Angel once again displayed the driving and endlessambitions of these outer-worldy artists. This was the first album to featureTucker as a full contributor to the band’s material and the composing chemistryof the team shined through brilliantly with this unique release. Morbid Angelstarted its touring cycle for Gateways in the USA as they were invited by PhilAnselmo to participate on the first leg of the Pantera Extreme Steel tour, givingthe band an amazing platform to perform it's material for a wider audiencewhich again was a huge step for the Death Metal scene in general. Steve Tuckerdeparted Morbid Angel shortly after and was replaced by Jared Anderson(1976-2006), a member of Erik Rutan’s project Hate Eternal, as touringvocalist/bassist. Morbid Angel toured extensively throughout the world and onceagain was invited to join Pantera's Extreme Steel tour for it's second run inthe United States and with this time also including Slayer. After which theband teamed up for the first time with the legendary death metal band Deicidefor another touring run in the United States. After completing this cycle oftouring, and the last gig being in Japan with Pantera, Erik Rutan and Jared Andersonleft the band in 2002 to fully concentrate on Hate Eternal.


Heretic, out in 2003, saw Morbid Angel as an entity trulyout of this Universe. Recorded at D.O.W. Studios in Florida and engineered bythe band’s own sound engineer and tour manager Juan "Punchy"Gonzalez, this was the first effort to be created outside of MorrisoundStudios. It captured an essence so far removed from the physical realm in formof a multi-structured, fiery whirlwind of sweeping guitar poly rhythms andpsychedelic guitar solos with the third time use of the innovative mic'ingtechniques. Pete Sandoval once again shined, showing his multi-dimensionaldrumming abilities and contributing to the writing process with his amazingcomposition "Striken Arise". Steve Tucker, who had returned to theband, contributing to the material once again and adding his unique stylisticlyrical arrangements and presence. The Heretic material, having a quite rawoverall tone to it on the record, live once again displayed that Morbid Angelcreates music like no one other, continuing as an epic and unrelenting bandlive in concert. With the addition of Tony Norman as a touring guitarist,Morbid Angel toured the world extensively and sharing the stages with bandssuch as Krisiun, Suffocation, Satyricon and Superjoint Ritual. Steve Tuckerexited the band at the final leg of the Heretic touring cycle and David Vincentreturned for a series of South American dates leading up to the Masters OfChaos Tour which followed. Guitarist Erik Rutan returned for a number ofEuropean festivals, featuring the legendary Domination lineup together onceagain in over ten years. In spring of 2008 Morbid Angel announced tryouts forthe second guitarist position, which was filled by Norwegian guitaristDestructhor. The band toured heavily across the globe, taking breaks as theyworked on material for the next album.


Illud Divinum Insanus, Morbid Angel’s eighth studio album,was released on Season Of Mist Records in June of 2011. The album features TimYeung on drums, replacing the longtime drummer Pete Sandoval who was dealingwith a serious back injury. After touring Europe, Morbid Angel announced the2012 Illud Divinum Insanus North American Tour with Dark Funeral, Grave andVadimVon, as well as the 20th Anniversary of Covenant U.S. Tour in fall of 2013and in Europe during late 2014.


Juvenilia, released exclusively on Record Store Day on April18, 2015 as a 12" vinyl limited to 1500 copies, is a live album showcasingthe band's early performance on their first tour to the United Kingdom atNottingham's Rock City on November 14, 1989.


The announcement that Steve Tucker was once again returningto his role as frontman and bassist of Morbid Angel shocked the fans in June of2015 and change was definitely in the air. Shortly thereafter it was brought tolight that guitarist Destructhor along with drummer Tim Yeung were no longer inthe band, leaving the entire worldwide extreme metal fanbase eagerly awaitingthe news of who will comprise the other half of Morbid Angel. Many speculationswere made and rumors flew as the camp remained silent, only revealing that thenew album and the new chapter were in the works. The big news were made in thebeginning of January 2017 as it was announced that drummer Scott Fuller andguitarist Dan Vadim Von were the new members of the band, along with theannouncement of a large scale United States spring tour with support fromSuffocation, Revocation and Withered during which Morbid Angel were to performa selection of material from the albums Formulas Fatal To The Flesh, GatewaysTo Annihilation and Heretic. The tour was an absolute hit and included theheadlining spot on that year's Maryland Deathfest, as the fanbase was pummeledwith the most brutal material from the band's career.


The anticipated new album Kingdoms Disdained was released onDecember 1st, 2017 and received rave reviews worldwide as arguably MorbidAngel's darkest and heaviest album to date, crushing all boundaries and seeingthe band touring throughout the next two years with support from many greatbands including Immolation, Origin, Misery Index, Incantation, Watain and more,as well as co-headlining the highly publicized Decibel Tour with CannibalCorpse. And the Morbid saga continues...

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