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Killinoize & Connector Proudly Presents to you The Killinoize 3 Year Anniversary Show.

Donnie’s Homespun is a New location in Springfield, IL at the
Vinegar Hill Mall next to the State Capital Building. Donnie’s serves a unique brand of “eclectic cuisine” featuring fresh pizzas, fish, bbq, vegan & vegetarian entres, pita wraps, brick oven sandwiches, calzones, vegan desserts, and more. Donnie’s offers an extensive collection of craft beers and high-end music productions. Check out at to view our music programming featuring the best in Local music and National Acts.

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Questions have always surrounded Liquid Stranger. 

Rather than touting the typical electronic dance music trappings of hyper excess and ego, he chooses to slip back into the shadows, allowing his music to do all the talking and listeners to do a whole lot of wondering. As a result, that music has sent shockwaves throughout the entire genre. Over the course of six full-length albums and a myriad of single releases, he's yielded worldwide hits as diverse as "Ripple", which claimed #1 on Beatport's Download Chart, and "Bombaclaad Star", which reigned supreme as the hub's #1 reggae track of 2011. "Shake My Ass" dominated the drum 'n' bass chart at #1, while his third album Private Riot has become a dubstep classic in its own right, solidifying him as a trailblazer. 

However, he's bringing two worlds together into one on his forthcoming seventh album, The Renegade Crusade. Dubstep sorcery and Rastafarian grooves collide and cascade within a genre the dance floor has never seen before. The age of The Renegade begins now.
About this alchemical concoction on his forthcoming 2013 effort, he reveals, "It's my attempt to put everything I've done in my musical career into some type of synthesis. It can be hard and intense, but it can also be beautiful and trippy. This symbiosis is natural. As humans we all have different emotions. The music reflects those emotions. I'm looking to combine all of those catalytic experiences."

In a sense, the artist has been on this path since he was merely four-years-old. Recalling his earliest musical memory growing up in Sweden, he'd crawl to the family piano and play for his parents. A few years later, his dad bought him his first synthesizer, and an entirely new world opened up. After years of successful studio work post-high school, Liquid Stranger was formally born in 2003. His genre fusion began to enchant the entire scene. 

He didn't simply transplant himself from Europe to Scottsdale, AZ for music though. There are many facets to the enigma he's built. In between touring and making music, he became a yoga instructor, spending four years in an Ashram. He also continued to evolve in martial arts, a passion he's held since the age of six. His studies extended to Native American medicine, immersing himself in Sun Dance rituals and excursions.

"I've always been a seeker," admits Liquid Stranger. "If I do something, I'm going to try to master it. I've always been interested in pursuits that mirror a bottomless well. They're something you can never really grasp. As a musician, I always try to have as little control over the creative as possible. The less my ego and control issues get in the way, the better the music is that I make. On good days, I'm more of a channel than the brain behind it. Inspiration is such an untamed, crazy, and wild beast."

That's also the best way to describe his live show. He's won over audiences at Electric Daisy Carnival, Voov Experience, Boom Festival, Roskilde, and more. He's also set to mount a full-scale headline tour with the release of The Renegade Crusade.

In many ways, the entire ethos can be traced back to his very moniker. He goes on, "The reality is twofold. Liquid represents something fluid and formless that can be adapted to any given container. In other words, I can go seamlessly between any genre, tempo, emotion, or whatever I want. You never know what I'm going to do next."

The questions will only continue to percolate around Liquid Stranger, but so will the unforgettable and undeniable music.

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**JPhelpz** St.Louis, MO

"John Phelps AKA JPhelpz is known for creating heavy dubstep/drum and bass smashers with his own variety of robotic, mechanical sounds melded with the dark, swampy side of the bass music stratosphere gives him a sound reminiscent of familiar names such as Funtcase, Getter, Persist, Mantis and the like that’s brought together in a unique way, giving his music a unique flavor that’s all his own. Along with a number of free singles, JPhelpz has boasted a laundry list of big releases on respected labels such as Xenomorph, Dirt, Lies & Audio Black, Prime Audio, Abducted Records, Lightyear Audio, and so on. With no sign of stopping anytime soon in sight (and even more confirmed releases coming up in the near future), there’s no doubt JPhelpz is bound to be a household name for fellow bassheads this year."

DJ SUPPORT: Funtcase, Getter, D-Jahsta, Vaski, Darkelixir, P0gman, Soloman, Mantis, 12gauge, Sadhu, etc...♥

-Lightyear Records (Ry Legit's label)
-Abducted Records
-Xenomorph Recordings 
-Prime Audio 
-Resonance Audio [Forthcoming]
-Mechanoid Audio
-IAMAUDIO (P0gman's label)


**Colonel Mustard** Bloomington, IL
Killinoize Productions

Producer/DJ Colonel Mustard got into Drum n' bass back in 07 and after listening to dubsteo in 2008 it was an instant love. Colonel Mustard has a taste for the dirtier side of dubstep. influenced heavily by Genetix, Trampa, Excision, Datsik, Doctor P, Dr Philth, Dayn, Diesel, Davr, Dark Elixer, Cookie Monsta, Funtcase, Liquid Stranger, Flux Pavilion, Skism, Getter, and Roksonix just to name a few. My live sets are composed of heavy bangers and a variety of tempos to keep things always changing. I've been busy with another job and going to school full time so my soundcloud is a little behind. Expect a big update and some fresh new tunes from Col. Mustard soon.


**Part Human** St.Louis, MO
Killinoize Productions


107 W. Cook St. Ste G
Springfield, IL 62704

$20 at The Door 

*$3 surcharge* FOR MINORS 21 AND UNDER


TIMES: Doors Open at 8pm Music Starts at 8:30pm Goes till 1am

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Donnie's Homespun

107 West Cook St., Springfield, IL, 62704

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Liquid Stranger / JPhelpz / Part Human