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Boys and girls! Guys and gals! Dudes and dudettes! Butches and femmes! Pimps and hoes! Tops and bottoms! From cradle to geezers, all ages of skeezer! It is my honor, my pride, my privilege to present to you the freakish child of Bangarang! I invite you, ladies and gentlemen, to KARNIVAL!

For those of you who don't know what Bangarang means, it means, ladies and gentlemen, that we are a family, a fabulous family! A family of fun! We are joy, youth, and freedom, opposed by none! ... ok, maybe by some... We are a rambunctious collective of freaks, geeks, and fags sailing under one flag! I do mean to boast, and I do mean to brag, we are lost boys and pirates by truth brought together, believing forever in sweet nevernever! And we can do anything, ladies and gentlemen. We've tried almost everything :) Anything you can do, we can cock-a-doodle do! And at Karnival we are gonna cock-a-doodle it to you hard and long! So now please join along, from the top of your lungs shout it out loud and strong! Give it up for the right! Give it up for the wrong! BANGARANG!!!!

And let's not forget ROC Philly. ROC stands for the Rage On Crew. They do this shit up and they do it up right. When most other people would call it a night, they rage on! And we are forever indebted to them for that, ladies and gentlemen. Now who are the Rage On Crew? Well, ladies and gentlemen, they're skeezers. And like my mother always said, "Skeezers was as skeezers has done," and these goddamn skeezers done got their shit done, and that's the truth, ladies and gentlemen.

At Karnival, my lovelies, you are in for a treat that can't be beat! We have searched far and wide for the brilliantly bizarre to delight and entertain you, ladies and gentlemen. This is all for you, ladies and gentlemen. And you are most fortunate, for we did indeed quite succeed in tracking down the not nearly bombastic, but the truely fantastic. So wake up, ladies and genltemen! I am proud to introduce to you, KARNIVAL.

For our second year, we bring you a Karnival from the most frigid and darkest depths of Soviet Russia. A strong assemblage of artists and performers, here from the motherland to show you we all bleed red.

Bangarang! in conjunction with ROC Philly & Propaganda Sound present to you
April 28th 2012

From mother MOSCOW, we present to you:

DB : Breakbeat Science. Sm:)e Communications . NYC . 12AM-2AM

Arriving in New York from London in '89, it could be argued that no one has done more for Drum & Bass in America than DB. First with his hardcore Breakbeat club NASA, (featured in the Larry Clark film Kids) then by launching Sm:)e Communications and releasing the first Jungle singles & compilations in the U.S, as well as signing DJ Dara, thus kick starting his artist career. In 1996 Dara & DB opened Breakbeat Science, dedicated to Drum & Bass, It quickly became not only the most respected record store & label, but also the very epicenter of the jungle community in the U.S. 
Over the years DB has released 13 Mixed CD's & one artist album under the name Ror-Shak.
For the night he will be playing a "Best of D&B" set

Idiom : TNT Productions, Give Productions, Vibe Tribe . Baltimore . 12AM-1AM

Nate Dark : Bangarang!, ROC . Philadelphia . 11PM-12AM

Originally from Telluride, Colorado, Nathan had his Dj beginnings in drum and bass in the late 90's before switching to breaks and house when moving to Pheonix early 2000. Since then he has played in some of the most influential clubs and parties from coast to coast including Club Freedom in Pheonix, Nocturnal Wonderland in L.A., and the Pex Summer Festival here in Philly. Since moving to Philadelphia, he founded and residents at Propaganda Thursdays at Medusa Lounge which continues to book some of the brightest and best djs in the city and is also the newest member of the infamous F.O.H. crew. Nathan's style can range from jackin techy house to hard electro and is bound to keep the dancefloor movin.

The Architech : Bangarang! . Philadelphia . 10PM-11PM

Starting his carreer by throwing the eclectic and well-received Vaudeville parties in 2005, The Architech became involved in the Philadelphia hardcore and drum&bass scene with DJs like AC Slater, Brak (Udachi), & Daywalker of Pitched Up Recordings as well as DJ Messiah, Jen Mas, Candykid, Milo, & Gobstoppa.When Pitched Up moved to NYC and seeing a decline in hardcore, he expanded his eclectic style into slower genres while discovering the burner scene. Following a massive win at camp WANT IT!'s Shock Collar DJ competition at Burning Man last year, he returned to Philly a highly sought after DJ. His flow has been refined to include a variety of styles from electro fidget, wobble house, and dirty breaks to hardcore breaks and drum&bass.

Elixir : Space Pirates, Disorient . Philadelphia . 9PM-10PM

From the streets of STALINGRAD:

Deep C : Adults At Play, Bangarang!, Dirty Dirty Beats . Philadelphia . 2AM-3AM

Zen Master. DJ. Dad. Shoegazer. Music Maker. Dreamer of Dreams. Poker Player. Wamdue Kid, Tigerhook Jedi. Minneapolis born, raised in Detroit, seasoned in Atlanta, and currently rockin Philly! Started DJing in 1990 after graduating high school and in 1993, hooked up with Chris Udoh and Chris Brann in Atlanta and formed the Wamdue Kids. After 6 years of making music and touring the world DJing, we split up. Chris Udoh and I continued on with a new crew of heads called Tigerhook. The crew consists of Udoh, Randall Jones, Hito, Hollis P. Monroe, Pat Parker, Phil Charles, Mark Pappas, Rodrigo Ramirez and Deep. Based out of Philly and holding down several weekly residencies. You can catch some of his homies rockin clubs all over the world! Now producing music again and back the saddle. Briefly threw events & shows with ROC but separated recently as a partner and now throws events as Adults At Play as well as hosting a monthly party as Dirty Dirty Beats. As a DJ, Deep held down residencies at various prestigious places like Fabric (UK), Smart Bar (Chicago), KGB-Mission (Miami), Nomenclature (Atl), Viper Room (L.A.), and Tresor (Berlin). In Philly, Deep had one of the longest running House Parties ever (7 years) at Soma that hosted local and international guests and pushed the music in all genres. All while working at Satellite Records in NYC while commuting from Philly and doing it all. Deep C is a legend in the house scene and his sets are always top notch.

Jay Shok & Nysus : Light It Up . Philadelphia & Baltimore . 12:30AM-2AM

For over a decade, Jay Shok has been an essential part of Philadelphia’s EDM culture. Working tirelessly to provide positive vibrations, he has more than shown his love through both his music and work within the scene. Since taking over Light It Up Productions, Jay has worked with a variety of people to spread the sound and energy of EDM culture. And you can be sure, whenever he is throwing down, it’s bound to be memorable. Delivering some of the freshest mixing Philadelphia has seen in years, Jay Shok takes house, breaks, and electro and makes them his own. He has shared the stage with such acts as DJ Craze, Keith Mackenzie, Sporty O, DJ Fixx, AC Slater, Taurus, Vagelli, Mason, D Star, Jeff Heart, Sleepy C, DJ Ivy, Chris B, DJ Funk, Atomic Babies, Dylan, Skynet, and DJ Pauly to name a few. He really is one of Philadelphia’s best kept secrets.

Since 1999, DJ Nysus has been a constant fixture in the ever changing Baltimore, DC and Philadelphia rave scene. Always delivering an unmatched energy level, his unique Breakbeat style ranges from the dirty nasty nu-skool, to the eclectic funk of electro. With live sets so passionate they have to be seen to be believed, DJ Nysus has solidified himself as the "go to" breakbeat DJ for some of the areas top production companies, including Light it Up out of Philly , B.A.D.Ass out of Baltimore & DC and Give Productions out of Virginia. Showing an extreme talent for making epic and memorable mix CD's that fans go crazy for, he has over 8000 copies of underground mixes in circulation. Come to a show, grab a CD and see what all the hype is about! This man straight up delivers the breaks and 2012 is definitely gonna be the year of the Breakbeat!

Nick Cosmo : Propaganda, Bangarang! . Philadelphia . 11:30PM-12:30AM

Ghost & Kyng of Thieves : Light It Up . Philadelphia . 10PM-11:30PM

Philadelphia’s DJ Ghost has been passionate about music and the art of DJing since 1993. He is a devoted vinyl junkie and although he has begun to use the technology provided in the current industry, he will forever buy, play, and collect vinyl. “That's what made me who I am and what got me this far, vinyl” He cut his teeth early on, known for playing various styles of music fluently in almost all his sets, he could be found DJing many local Hip Hop and EDM events. As his style and skills developed, Ghost was seen playing parties for most of Philly’s respected promoters and clubs. In 2006 everything began to move into groove, with a higher level of credible gigs being booked and his first mass produced mix CD “Gumbo” being released and joining forces w/ local promotional company Light It Up. Since then, he has continued to be on the rise with a steady stream of gigs, radio spots, mixes and dubplates. He has played in many cities across the U.S. from Alaska to Puerto Rico to LA and in between. He has shared bills with many notable acts including DJ Craze, Goldie, Organized Konfusion (Pharoahe Monch & Prince Poetry), Disco Biscuts, Jokers of the Scene, Starkey, Low Budget, DJ Krush, King Britt, Rock Steady Crew, DJ Icey, Dev79, Dieselboy, Joe Nice, Simply Jeff, Frankie Bones, Evol Intent, and Bass Nectar. His first original digital release came out in 2008 when he joined up with the Grimey Grooves family and he has a second EP release now scheduled for release on Grimey Grooves. Now focusing more on the production end of things you can expect to hear more originals and more remixes.

The Kyng of Thievez has been a young and quickly upcoming Jungle DJ. Origanlly from North Jersey but now resides in Philadelphia he spends most of his time gathering new tracks and speaking with the newest producers coming out with the best tunes around the globe. Having shared the stage with countless heroes of the Drum and Bass and Breaks/Fidget Scene, this young Skywalker has learned much in his seemingly short career such as, Capital J, J Smooth, Borgore, RAW aka 6 Blocc, Freaky Flow, Danny the Wyld child, Dstar, Mason, Seraph, Dj Ghost, Jay Shok, Neigel Richards, 2Rip, and Monsters under the Bed. The Kyng of Thievez has also opened for a few intense acts in his short career such as, Grime Syndicite and Aprhodite, he is constantly keeping the crowd moving, and the energy flowing as his Freestyle DnB and Jungle sets learning with the crowd and pushing tunes that will make you squirm from the front to the back.

The Basskitty : Bangarang! . Philadelphia . 9PM-10PM

From the power rich city of CHERNIBYL:

Barney Iller : Rubulad, Boogie Boutique, Vitamin Breaks . NYC . 2AM-3AM

Funky breaks, house, bmore club, mashups

Tektite : Vitamin Breaks . NYC . 1AM-2AM

Tektite got his start in the 90’s with Old School (UK) Hardcore, and quickly became addicted to the hoover synths, old school stabs, and choppy breaks. Fast forward to 2012, and he is still searching for records that carry that old school sound while rounding out his repertoire with the massive warbled bass of electro-house, booty bounce of Baltimore Club, and full-volume funk of the UK breakbeat sound. Tektite is also co-founder and resident of the Brooklyn based breakbeat and electro party VitaminB, where occasionally you can still hear him return to his roots with an early 90’s breakbeat hardcore or Drum n Bass set.

Big Jawn & Teh Wallace : PEX, Synaesthesia . Philadelphia . 11:30PM-1AM

Stoned All Day [Pete Stone & Jay All Day] : Bangarang! . Philadelphia . 10PM-11:30PM

Dirty Quickly : Bangarang! . Philadelphia . 9PM-10PM

And the people's performers of Red Square, presented by the legendary Scooter McThumbknuckle:

David Darwin
Doc Adventcha
Penny Treats
Lux Arati
Rigor Mortis Review

And at the stroke of midnight we will be holding Professional and Amateur Fire Performance Competition, showcasing the best talent communism has to offer. The extremely pleased to announce the talented fire duo, Iconic Fire, will be opening the competition with a choreographed performance.

Are you impressed?! Are you excited?! Did you think that was enough?! Well it isn't! Come out and enjoy yourself with carnival games, behold the beautiful and entrancing gogo dancers, beware the bizarre and grotesque costumed freaks, and participate in our own home grown proletariat revolution. Be warned, we only allow adults above the prime age of 21 entrance. We have no interest in corrupting the young and impressionable. This is also an event of revolution and submersion, a carnival of participation. Costume and vibe are expected.

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Idiom (TNT Productions, Give Productions, Vibe Tribe . Baltimore .) / Ghost (Light It Up . Philadelphia) / Kyng of Theives (Light It Up . Philadelphia) / Nick Cosmo (Propaganda, Bangarang! . Philadelphia) / Deep C (Adults At Play, Bangarang!, Dirty Dirty Beats . Philadelphia) / Big Jawn / Stoned Allday ([Pete Stone & Jay All Day] : Bangarang! . Philadelphia) / Dirty Quickly (Bangarang! . Philadelphia) / The Architech (Bangarang! . Philadelphia) / Nate Dark (Bangarang!, ROC . Philadelphia .)