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World-reknowned DJ and producer Paul Anthony began his career in the 90s rave scene 
and since have played in many of the world's most prestigious clubs and events. He 
earned his respect coming up in the Chicago House music scene from many of the cities 
legend's including Farley Jackmaster Funk, Paul Johnson, Green Velvet, Bad Boy Bill,
DJ Funk, Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak, and CZR.

Soon, he began producing house music records, releasing vinyl and then digital on many 
labels including his own imprint 'Dirty Fabric' (which has seen names like Sebastien Leger,
Laidback Luke, Will Bailey, Lazy Rich, Hirshee, DJ Alex Kidd, Defunct!, Messinian, 
Melleefresh, Mightyfools, Donald Glaude, Jakwob, Jesse Saunders, Farley Jackmaster Funk,Sid Wilson from the world famous Slipknot, the list goes on).His first collaboration was with a group with long time friend Mike Gillenwater under the alias The Funk Monkeys, which has released twice under Subliminal, featured in many CD mix compilations, and has charted as top sellers many times on all music distribution sites.

Around 2007 he met his now young protege and partner ZXX. Together they since have collaborated on over 250 projects,with over 142 of these releases in the top 100 sales charts of ranging across house subgenres and receiving support from David Guetta, Tiesto, Wolfgang Gartner, Morgan Page, Kissy Sellout, Eddie Halliwell,John Acquaviva, Laidback Luke, Bad Boy Bill, Richard Vission, DJ Irene, Donald Glaude,Charles Feelgood, Steve Aoki, Robbie Rivera, Erick Morillo, Chuckie, Roger Sanchez and those are only a few. They are regular guests in the Top 100 @ and and Tracksource as well. With the support of hundreds of thousands of DJs with their infamous bootlegs of Lil Wayne and Rick Ross to their original anthem "Sex 101"with Laya Bella. Even their remake of DJ Deon's 'Let Me Bang' was a success . Most Recently Paul and partner ZXX have teamed up with chicago house Legend CZR to bring you "Understand" wich was featured on LaidBack Lukes infamous MixMash Records,which was a huge seller being played by David Guetta on sirius satelite radio show, And was also featured on Robbie Rivera's Sirius Radio mix as well,and re released on the new Cream Ibiza Laidback Luke Mix Compilation. With the success of this release Paul, ZXX & CZR now teamed up with Malik of the outhere Brothers To do a release called "Do The Dance" that has release on Robbie Riveras label Juicy Music with full support from Tiesto.
Now in 2012, Paul Anthony keeps a super busy schedule residing in Chicago/Denver with a new nasty electro, nu disco, approach to the year such as their remix of Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction", a collaboration with Donald Glaude and Alex Peace Called Kick Drum, recntly remixing lazy Rich "No More Games" , and in the past has also remixed steve angello, and recntly remixed larry tee on ultra recordings,With a New remix for Larry Coming on his forth comming album on Ultra records . Releases on Will Baileys Simma (SLIPSTREAM' charting @ #10 on BEAPORT), Eden Records, Ego, Nervous Recordings, Movement Music, Peak Hour Music, Play Digital, etc.Currnetly Just finished a remix for Robbie Rivera's new single on Juicy Music. Comming in the Summer Paul will be touring for legal mix compilation album PAUL ANTHONY "THE MIX TAPE" Be sure to grab your copy on Itunes and beatport. A tour date not to be missed!!!!


The brainchild of Starkill and Benji Gunplay, Audio Assassins began crushing the decks the winter of 2008. Within 2 years Audio Assassins had created a following that brought them throughout Chicagoland and beyond including bookings in Las Vegas. In Feb of 2011 Benji moved to Phoenix AZ creating a missing part to Audio Assassins which was filled by SoOhSix a good friend and great dj. Fast foreword 9 mo to Benji’s triumphant return to headline as the Audio Assassins at the biggest underground halloween party in chicago. 

Now with Audio Assassins return to Chicago it has been decided to grow with the addition of Skittles and Rockin Rob the up and coming artist from Chicago, the new Audio Assassins are comprised of 5 focusing around Starkill and Benji Gunplay the new players bring different elements to each of their sets. Whether its Benji and Rob, SoOhSix and Starkill or any other combination including Benji Or Starkill you are guaranteed to dance dance dance. Chitown, GET DOWN!


After a short hiatus from Chicago’s underground Threejay has returned already picking up new alias as names such as “techno warrior” and a “underground legend”. His love for music brought him back into the spotlight playing dj set genres of techno alongside his first love of house music. With Threejay banging out techno sets and gaining attention in the Midwest again he has already had his techno sets featured on radio shows in 5 different states and 2 different countries. Not forgetting about house music he also created a duo of the “Chicago Jacks” that consists of Threejay and his longtime friend and partner in groove “Mark one Torres” that has been formed to remix, produce and promote house music. 

Dj Threejay aka Jesus Elizondo III was born on the South side of Chicago in 1980. The son of a Chicago house DJ, he keenly watched and quickly learned the tricks of the trade. Threejay began djing at age ten soon surpassing his fathers abilities and eventually inherited his equipment and records. At fourteen, Threejay entered a Chicago DJ contest judged by legendary dj’s Bad Boy Bill & hot mix 5’s Johnny Wildboy where he won a $250 cash prize and a quick respect.

Rooted in the dark, spacey sounds of minimal/techno, Bucky Fargo takes audiences on tech-heavy ride suited for the after-midnight set. Growing up in the house epicenter of Chicago, Fargo took some points from the radio pioneers who crafted a weekly vibe on the Hot Mix 5 of WBMX 102.7. In junior high, he was known for carting around boxes of self-styled mix tapes and giving them to friends just to spread the house sound. After hunting down music of his interest in runned down warehouses, Bucky was quickly influenced by the rave scene in the 90 's

In no time Bucky was a seasoned conductor of the Midwest rave scene and playing some of the most respected club events acorss the tri state area. In 2004, he took his role as a DJ one step further, landing gigs on the trans-Atlantic party circuits of Eastern Europe and beyond.

These days, Fargo still works plenty of overseas play dates, joining the ranks of some of the most respected artists. The recent launch of this new label, Nightsweat Recordings, has kept this minimal mastermind busy in Chicago. The imprint will include some of the premiere producers on the minima/tech-housel scene. The label spotlights an array of minimal tech-house talent, with Fargo as the main behind it all.

Chicago based DJ, Drummer, Producer and advocate of all styles bass driven, Mega Mike is undisputedly one of the city's most skilled, versatile and entertaining. Since the 90s, he has played countless events across the country and shared billing with major artists including Atmosphere, Excision, 12th Planet, Figure, 16 Bit, The Others, Sick Or Well, Shpongle, Aphrodite, DJ SS, AK1200, Gridlok, Liondub, Jayline, Chrissy Murderbot, Starscream, 6BLOCC, Kirk Degiorgio, Frankie Bones, Cyberpunkers, and of course, all of Chi-Towns finest!

Starting off by throwing independent EDM parties in the late 90s, as well as a several year stint as a hardcore punk rock drummer, to joining True Family Unit in 2005, to becoming an official member of M.I.A. (DnB) in 2007, to co-founding Konkrete Jungle Chicago in 2008, to becoming one of the most recognized names in Chicago, Mega Mike is a certified badman on the turntables. 

In addition to playing premier events, like the official 2011 Lollapalooza afterparty, he has made exclusive appearances on Chicago radio programs including the highly regarded "848" on WBEZ 91.5 FM, as well as "Joystyxx Radio" (Loyola’s WLUW 88.7 FM), and "Part Time Sucker Radio" (Northwestern's WNUR 89.3 FM). 

Forthcoming projects for 2012 include new tunes on Combat Records, bootlegs/remixes, and new residencies in Chicago.
From the underground, to the club, to full blown concerts, Mega Mike ALWAYS brings the party to the next level. Witness the fitness!

This veteran’s love affair with kick and snare began with the legendary 90’s Chicago rave scene. To find his own style, he began to experiment with different sounds in the studio, during production, and on vinyl. He built on his passion, and worked every basement party to every hole in the wall to every dirty underground he could find. Quickly he moved up to play alongside some of the finest jocks at all of the hot spots in the Midwest. Be it a club or an underground, he's seen it all. Datum's track selection is an art in it's own, bringing in any sound, while only following the beat to his own drum. This master of the turntables uses his precise scratching, smooth mixing, turntablist tricks, and intuition of crowd reaction, to conquer every venue he comes across. This is not a typical DJ, this is a one man show that always has the crowd edging in on the stage to see what he'll do next. If you see this cat on a lineup, be prepared to see magic and real skills. 
“No press play, no sync buttons. That’s some shit meant for production.” Datum


Its usually a safe bet that when the speakers get blown, the cops show up, people start fighting, and the night goes to shit; Un4bomber is to blame. Darting all over the states this summer playing the sickest undergrounds, the biggest clubs, and the wildest festivals. His new mix "Circa Day One" is a smash be sure tocheck it out for free to download on He is a frontrunner in the moombahcore movement with inaugural production releases set to blow up later this year! Already the last few years he has played with huge acts like Reset!, Will Bailey, Cyberpunkers, K Theory, Terravita, Paper Diamond, and Grammatik just to name a few! Shaking the underground infrastructure to its core: thrash, grime, and the hardest of electro bangers and some of the sickest midtempo out there. Seek shelter when Un4bomber gets on the decks.

"The dirty style of Theo G is often imitated, but never duplicated. The reveered "O.G. of Bangers" & Day One Resident, showcases an eclectic blend of fidget house, electro, complextro and dubstep, unleashing all-out insanity upon the dance floor. Every performance is special, filled with unique and cutting edge tracks that let everyone know who their daddy is. When Theo G gets on the speakers, fathers hide your daughters because tonight there getting dirty!"

Since 8 years old Pauly Paisano has been infatuated with electronic dance music tuning into the b96 Mixdowns, burning cd's and purchasing anything correlated with EDM, after saving up over time at the age of 12 years old he purchased his first pair of turntables, and would spend a chunk of his time at record shops in his area such as superdance and Another level. from sampling all the material he could possibly get his hands on he had a total fixation with Hard-House, Ghetto-House, Hard-Trance, Hardcore and Progressive. When 2000 hit he became totally submerged in the new Raw, Vile, and Supreme style better known as Hardstyle. French Tek emerging fully in 2009 Pauly had become absolutely certain he had found his niche. Diving on the scene in 2009 through the help of Hard Dance Nation vowing to drop only the filthiest Hard-Dance Tracks during the downfall of the clubscene and the emergence of hip house radio edits. Pauly Paisano was slamming Hard-dance at some of the most infamous of house parties as well as some of the most reknowned clubs sticking to his underground roots and never falling short of 140 beats per minute. If your a club owner/bar owner Pauly Paisano is that guy that doesnt give a fatmans fuck what requests your crowd has and if you dont like hard dance and are uncertain of it, Pauly will change the fuck out of your mind on the matter, and re-sensitize your concept of what exactly quality EDM is.

With 6 years of experience in the scene and 4 years experience mixing under his belt, BassDoctoRx is ready to blow your eardrums with some of the sickest tracks that the underground music scene has to offer. After being taught by the best he decided to take things into his own hands and teach himself and has now has become what many know today as a bassgasmic experience that only the DoctoRx can bring you..

Dubstep/Drumstep, and Hardstyle are his specialties, with a strong passion for music, the dose of bass pumping out of the speakers comes a sound that only a licensed doctor can prescribe. He is sure to have you moving, if not you must have flat lined.
Get ready, Cause the Doctor is in...

Ryan "Toxik" Landers was always a wild child growing up in the Northside of Chicago in the Rogers Park area. Being raised around Freestyle, House, R&B, and Rap, he was always listening to music whenever at home. In his Freshman year of High School he took music classes where he learned to count beats and measures and playing Snare and Trumpet. He was always into music and after attending his first house party in "05", he became interested in learning how to "DJ". He love technical stuff and challenges, so he felt he knew what he wanted to do in his further future. After graduating H.S in "09" he could finally pursue his deep interest in music and blending/mixing his favorite genres. In February of 2011 he attended his first rave ( Hearts and Stuff ) and ever since then he as been to most of the Chicago-land raves. Throughout his time in the rave scene he was always looking forward to seeing his most interesting Dee Jays spin such as ROCKIN ROB, MEGA MIKE, CLARK KENT, SPACE CADET, THEO G UN4BOMBER, XSTATIC and many many more. In March he became apart of the Second City Underground Promo Team where he met Dj Quality, Dj Prodigy, KidNico and many other great talents. Helping with events and CD Sales, he met and gained the upmost respect from some of Chicago's hottest Dj's/Producers. Throughout his time with them, his interest for Mixing grew stronger. In July 2011, he stepped away from "The City" to look into more opportunities and begun to pursue the talent of a DJ. Starting off with Virtual Dj and making his way to Traktor. he did a few small gigs in the North-side and a few in the South-side. In August he competed in the Shuffle Showdown hosted by BassLab Chicago (Freddie Fiers). After talking to the BassLab Crew, he was offered a position as a Promoter and Event Host Along Side Basslab. He then happly accepted.Between August and October he has done a few big events such as Day 2 Of Ying and Yang hosted by Mana Collective and Booty Sweat Hosted by Erok69. As being a Northside up and coming DJ, he was respected for the distances he would travel to mix at even a house party. At the end of October he and Basslab along side Ghetto Division and B.A.E. Krew hosted a 3 Day event titled "ZOMBIELAND" Toxik has worked with quiet a few Dj's on events and promo. On March 3rd 2012, Owner and CEO of Craver Entertainment, Rockin Rob, accepted Ryan into the company as the 2nd artist apart of Craver Entertainment. Toxik is definitely someone to look out for in the near future. Mixing genres with the grimest wobbles and the deepest bass drops, he will be guarenteed to get the crowd jumping. 

With over 15 years in the underground scene and over 13 years experience behind the decks, Copyright's sets are HARD, FAST and NOT TO BE MISSED! On point mixing, perfect track selection, and an insatiable NEED to move the dance floor are only a few reasons why hes been all over the midwest igniting dance floors since 2004. If you have not seen him in action.....Smack yo' self!

Expect this up and coming Producer and DJ to bring quality tracks to the table,he is able to provide a proper music experience through any medium available blending track after track to the fullest, dropping bass heavy original productions that will have crowds asking for more. bass music is his vice,dropping bombs ranging in the 45hz region that is only acceptable to be witnessed on quality systems,this is surely an experience not to miss out on.

Both of these homies have been destroying the decks everywhere over the last 10 years. Beans n Rice will blast you with that Chicago Bass that will put the jack back in house. An absolute crowd pleaser featuring scratching, flawless mixing and all kinds of crazy tricks. AND THEY DO IT ON WAX! Beans n Rice, it’s what’s for dinner!

Adopted by the Chicago Underground Scene, RAK spins the newest of breaks and house on top of mixer tricks and scratching. Always trying to keep busy you can rest assured that he will take you on a mind trip with his sounds and not simply play banger after banger.

been djing since 1989 spinning new wave and early ebm.. in 1991 found belgium techno and uk hardcore. started spinning at raves... always looking at whats new... playing happy hardcore and being in a small band i satarted to fuse love for all music into my mixes... producing acouple of house 12 inchs under dj sd. keeping to my roots in aggro ebm started to play a mix of industrial and what ever else making a blend of everything under the sun .... now in 2012 hes played in toronto ca for a the ebm music festial, djs at exit... and played along side Daft Punk, StickMen, Miss kitten ,Wildchild, fat boy slim, Ministry, LA STYLE,ORBITAL,MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO,to many to list... decades under the sun he has the jems to make anyone dance.

More Info to announced shortly
Check back soon!!!!

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Paul Anthony / Bucky Fargo / Techno Warrior / AUDIO ASSASSINS (MISTERIES, SKITTLES, AND ROCKIN ROB) / Un4bomber / Theo G / Mega Mike / Datum / Pauly Paisano / Toxik