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For four years this party has been planned but will now be finally set and ready to go hardcore!!! 
This event will be an all out Family Guy themed event, playing Family Guy all night in both rooms.
This two room event is STRICTLY HARDCORE!!! That would range from classic happyhardcore straight to fast paced speedcore and frenchcore =) 

Los Angeles get ready for some great talent to played tonight! We got Dj's from the UK, Mexico, Chicago, Norcal, and of course our Local LA Bad muthafuckerz who tear it up for the dancefloor!!!!!!!! 

Straight from Glasgow, United Kingdom for their first US appearance doing their GTYM Tour 2014!!!!!!!! 
RESCUE Feat. MC Keyes representing for Go Tell Yo Momma 
Rescue has been known for his talented writing skills and heart warming songs such as "Lonely People, Break Me Down, and Brightside" all released on GTYM. 
A few years back, MC Keyes won for best break through MC and best New Event last year. Now they are working hard busting their asses off to get Best Label and we will definitely see why they deserve it for a 2 hour LIVE performance!!!!! Let's welcome them to Cali and show them what LA HARDCORE is ALL ABOUT!!!!! 

Next we got some stomping choons for ya that will just make your legs break in half, that's if you can catch up to the beat. Spinning Frenchcore and Hardtek from straight from Chicago, Elekid. If you haven't heard his cd "Summer Vacation 7: Trip to Vegas" your missing the fuck out I tell ya! Elekid has played multiple times out here in Cali and I am glad to see this long time friend and crazy wack dj spin for us. 

Looking great to see Norcal join us for this evening as we present you Sparky Anglerfish treading up the floor with her selective Hardtek tracks that make you want more and more and more and... you get the point. Anglerfish has an amazing collection up her sleeves that just make you wonder, what other songs do they have in Hardtek that makes me want to go fucking ballistic on the dancefloor =)

Coming back from the old school days, we got Demigod playing some gabber for your ears. Demigod has been an all time favorite in LA as a producer and Dj. Making mixtapes with great names such as Rob Gee, Omar Santana, and our own local Kalifornia Killa Ron D Core. Creating fast tempo beats on his System Records label, he'll definitely be asking us "Did we dig it" 

So who is da Kalifornia Killa you ask??? He's been a successful talented Dj, Producer, father, and owner of the world famous Dr. Freeclouds Mixing lab, give it up for Mr. Ron D Core. Spinning mental insane speed core to dutch gabber, Ron has always supported his fans with the music we love. Now owning the last record store standing, he will do everything in his heart to show that Vinyl is alive and kicking still till this day by providing ONLY Turntable sets at any event he spins at. Check out this long time legend as he cuts, scratches, tears up the fader and fucks your ears with a sense of happiness. 

Paulina Taylor, she's always been a great Dj I hear but when I come to check her out it's some crazy Japanese guy bustin some talent behind the decks!!!! Starting out in the scene in '95, Paulina Taylor busted his ass off to become an icon, loved one and known world wide without even producing a track. Making mixtapes along with big producers such as Brisk, he definitely earned and kept his title as #1 Happy Hardcore dj in Los Angeles!! Let's give it up for this legend. 

Gunrunner is a long time dj from the past, if you haven't followed the scene for a longtime, this is one shocking set that you wouldn't want to miss! Spinning speedcore and gabber, Gunrunner will put a move to those feet to create a blister on those heels!!! Let the Pain begin!!!!!

We all love our resident 2B Happy, coming up strong with his moshup remixes, he's grown a huge crowd of respect to his talent. Blowing up since 2002, 2B Happy has had much respect for the music, the scene and other promoters. Playing for the love of music, he'll bust out a close at 8am just to show he cares. He's worked hard and earned the spot to open for our Happy Hardcore Legend. Keep up the great work Happy!!!!

Proud owner of Kids of the Core (KOTC) and CKM recordings we bring you En3rgy. Much respect to this man for pulling off parties that people enjoyed through out so many years. First ever to throw an event at the Union Station in Los Angeles, people still talk about that party till this day. Producing tracks and mixing classic Happy Hardcore has always been an enjoyment dancing to his sets. 

Who likes it hard and rough just like this guy!!!! When our man 303 Abuse slams on the decks with some hard punchy, kick some ass hardcore BEATZ!!!!! 303 Abuse has always been a crowd rokka with his selective gabber tracks that just makes you want to punch someone in the face with anger but still feel happy at the same time!!!! Get ready for the pits with this one!!!

Flapjack has been an upcoming DJ that just spreaded like herpes playing from LA to Seattle, Oregon, and New York. Playing Old School Cheese and Happy Gabber, he's worked his ASS off hard to get where he his and we're all proud of him. Showing his love for the scene not just by the music, but the creativity he puts behind in making clothing such as Phat Pants, shirts, backpacks, and his color coordination is like no other. He's a kandi Raver at heart and well loved all over the world. Let's give a hand for this lovable kid, FLAPJACK!!!! 

One of the funnest and greatest duo to ever play together, we are proudly to present Kitsch vs. Ryankore. These two are ecstatic with one another and so happy to have them perform for us. Loving the styles of Kitsch playing hard tracks that make you go Boom to Ryankore's lovable sing along songs, put your hand up and clap for these two to make it a delightful night!!

Jedinite is well known for his fast paced freeform, creating tracks and mixing them for our ears to hear his talents live, are always a great experience. Jedinite has so far thrown his first party showing his love for Freeform and playing on the stage with Greg Peaks, he'll definitely leave you with a warm feeling in the end. 

Gabberbot formely known as Pixelpop, has always had a great taste of Happy Gabber to play for us. Playing great tunes that we all know but in happy gabber just makes it SO MUCH BETTER!!!!! Gabberbot has always been energetic in his sets and a great way to start this party RIGHT!!!! Let's get our dancing shoes on and show him we want more!!!!

Danger Dan has been a follow up in the scene since 2003 and built up his name right next to 2B Happy. Dan has a great style of transitions that just go so great like peanut butter and jelly. His passion for the music kept him going to become one of la's favorite local.

Former LA resident and now semi international DJ, we'd love to welcome back Dj Cosmo. Working on producing tracks and his skillful mixes, Cosmo has always enjoyed putting smiles on people's faces and giving one right back to us. Choosing great songs that brings us together, Cosmo shows that we are not just ravers, friends, dis, but a family of one! Let's hear it for our best friend, long lost brother and LA Resident DJ COSMO!!! 

Megaman has been growing up with the scene since 97, his passion for the music is all it took to enter a world that he loves till this day. Creator of KIOS, Megaman wanted to give back to the scene that he loves ♥ Started from playing hardhouse back at the Masterdome and Fox Theater, he quickly grew into the scene and in 99 he finally began to spin Happy Hardcore the music he loves. Always having a great taste of music, he's never let anyone leave the dance floor... not even to go to the bathroom said Flapjack once!!! LOL. Spinning all styles of Hardcore, this will be a great set till the last record spins!!! 


Tickets will be starting presale at $20 till mid November then $25 after. Presale shall begin on Sept. 8th

Please bring great vibes, glow toys, PHAT PANTS, visors, bright colors, whistles, horns, posse to pump it up, dancing shoes, glowsticks, Mickey gloves, lightup gloves, respirators with glowsticks, and of course PLUR... We are here to show you that we are Keeping It Old Skool (KIOS) Have fun kids and remember you only live once and your not coming back.... so EXPRESS YOURSELF!!!!

ANY SIMPSONS ATTIRE, This is a Family GUY Theme 


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Rescue Feat. MC Keyes / Elekid / Anglerfish / Paulina Taylor / Ron D Core / Demigod / Mega Man / 2B Happy / Flapjack / 303 Abuse / Kitsch vs Ryankore / En3rgy / Jedinite / Cosmo / Danger Dan / Gabberbot