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Aztlan Theater FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO NEED TO MAKE HOTEL PLANS THE VENUE IS CLOSE TO DOWNTOWN DENVER The Largest and ONLY all ages New Years Eve Electronic Dance Music Festival in The Rocky Mountain Region!"QUANTUM" MAIN STAGE::DJ IRENE::Los Angeles dance music world is a world of escapism. People come out to dance to forget the life dramas that wear on their souls or to be a little more glamorous than they are during the day. The DJs who are loved the most are those that provide moments of beauty, clarity, inspiration and hope that everything will be alright and beautiful. This is why DJ Irene is America’s most loved DJ. DJ Irene has seen drama, has fought chemical and personal demons, has lived without a home, has seen the power of escaping her reality and did it with flair. About life’s challenges she says, “All I can say about getting through the b.s life gives you, is you gotta be fearless. It is your life, why be afraid? If you screw up and live, you will still be here, and you will still be the only one who has to do anything about it.” She is a survivor, a character with an off-the-beaten-path lifestyle that has surpassed all obstacles and helped create the new American Dream for the next generation.The cult of DJ Irene began at Hollywood’s mega club Arena. Here, her DJ and life dramas played out through her mixing and publicly on the dance floor. This only made people love her more and helped her to see how she could give back by leading a positive life with the music. She says, “At one point I realized that I am not just playing records to the same people every weekend. These people care about me, more than I care for myself. I knew I had to make them proud by being proud of myself, by taking care of myself, by being the best.”The best for DJs is selling more mix CDs than any other DJ in her genre, it is non-stop touring at every major music festival and at the best clubs around the world, it is having pop culture and rock journalists queuing to get interviews, it is being the DJ whom some DJs fear having to play after and being the DJ that younger DJs want to be. This is DJ Irene. When the rest of the world realized the allure of the cult of the DJ all DJ Irene had to do was say “Here I am, kiss my ass, I’m one bad ass bitch that can mix!!!”Oh what? Another girl DJ. Not in this case. She doesn’t go topless, doesn’t smile coquettishly or Seductively for the camera, she didn’t just start mixing 3-5 yrs. ago when it became cool. DJ Irene is DJ culture in all its brazen, globetrotting, mythic womanizing, beat banging, trend raising and trend killing glory. With her signature laugh she is RockStar Royalty, daring all who challenged her to step up. “Yeah great, there are lots of girl DJs, so what? I was a girl DJ too, now I’m a the King , I am the Queen, I am the DJ Diva, lets see how many of them can hang like me. Let’s see.”If you consider yourself knowledgeable about the DJ world but haven’t seen DJ Irene yet then you haven’t seen one of the most entertaining and engaging DJs in the biz. Find out where she will be at next and don’t let nothing stop you from getting there. Be fearless, like her.::LEA LUNA::  Currently on top 100 of beat port!!!!Los Angeles an industry of one-trick ponies, Lea Luna has it all: Looks that kill, a dedicated underground following, extensive skills with the tools of the trade, and, last but not least, timing.In response to electronic dance music (EDM)'s recent presence under the mainstream spotlight, pop music artists incorporate the beats and progressions popularized by the former genre into their productions now more than ever. Such trends invariably backfire, however, when purist fans of the producers from which pop artists borrow their sound challenge their street cred in any kind of open forum. Luna's career, on the other hand, resonates with the long-time supporters of the EDM community as she's been creating music within the genre for much longer than she's been a pop singer. Electro/dubstep singles such as "Hearts Under Fire" and "Leaving for Mars" gained her recognition on the Beatport charts around the same time dance music started to hit the mainstream airwaves. This right-place-right-time back story - coupled with her stunning looks, sexy voice and girl-your-parents-warned-you-about mystique - affords her the opportunity to reach a wide audience that ranges from underground music fans to top 40 teenyboppers.Still an avid DJ/producer, Luna commands an expert grasp of the skill sets required to create music across the entire spectrum of dance music; she's just as comfortable throwing down a bass-heavy dubstep set as she is an uplifting house set. She has performed at legendary nightclubs like Hollywood's Vanguard, NYC's Limelight, Denver's Beta and LA's Avalon as well as festivals such as the esteemed Burning Man. Luna's most recent releases include collaborations with Sydney Blu, Manufactured Superstars, Revolvr, Quivver, Helicopter Showdown, Jontron, and Dragon. Make sure to check out her new music videos on youtube for her singles "Rock Show" and "Arrest the DJ."::VENOM::Providence, Rhode Island DJs put as much energy, intensity and insanity into their sets as Venom. Coming at you with headbanging sounds and award winning scratching skills, this veteran fills the dancefloors with stomping feet and hardcore beats.::WARPCORP::Sarasota, Florida Corp is a duo of audio visual artists made up of Chad Thompson and JenniFantastic. Together they produce and perform hard electro/house music and create live 3D visuals on-stage. The members of Warp Corp are originally from Denver, Colorado but recently relocated to Sarasota, Florida and have had the opportunity to perform at countless shows and festivals all over the United States including a performance at 2011's Coachella Music Festival. Warp Corp is changing the way you and your friends experience music by bringing live music and visuals together on-stage to create an incredible sensation for your eyes and ears. Warp Corp released their first album, an EP titled "Electrofessionals" on July 18th 2011.::NATHAN PHILLIPS::Los Angeles, California a decade in the making becoming one of the enduring local djs in Los Angeles, Nathan Phillips AKA DJ N8 is undoubtedly a musical poet when he's gracing the decks, filling the dance floors from massives to clubs all over Southern California and across the nation.Influenced at a young age, Nathan Phillips was drawn to the L.A. electronic scene by fellow affiliates and long time friends. After hearing electronic music, it opened a new mind set for Nathan; from this moment on he expanded his creativity and passion through the music. Now, as his career is evolving; he is working hard in the studio and has been releasing different genres of original work and remixing for major producers on a variety of labels. Nathan is responsible for forming collaborations and crews, such as the infamous Da Elephunks, Showdown and Funk Potion Ent. With hundreds of bookings throughout the years; he still rocks the crowds, young and old, from generation to generation, and from small events to massive festivals bringing you all the funk to make you break and shake all night long. The sets have more intensity and more diversity pleasing every open ear on the dance floor in our beloved electronic music scene.::PAUL ANTHONY::Chicago IL / Denver CO DJ and producer Paul Anthony began his career in the 90s rave scene and since have played in many of the world's most prestigious clubs and events. He earned his respect coming up in the Chicago House music scene from many of the cities legend's including Farley Jackmaster Funk, Paul Johnson, Green Velvet, Bad Boy Bill,DJ Funk, Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak, and CZR.Soon, he began producing house music records, releasing vinyl and then digital on many labels including his own imprint 'Dirty Fabric' (which has seen names like Sebastien Leger,Laidback Luke, Will Bailey, Lazy Rich, Hirshee, DJ Alex Kidd, Defunct!, Messinian, Melleefresh, Mightyfools, Donald Glaude, Jakwob, Jesse Saunders, Farley Jackmaster Funk,Sid Wilson from the world famous Slipknot, the list goes on).His first collaboration was with a group with long time friend Mike Gillenwater under the alias The Funk Monkeys, which has released twice under Subliminal, featured in many CD mix compilations, and has charted as top sellers many times on all music distribution sites.Around 2007 he met his now young protege and partner ZXX. Together they since have collaborated on over 250 projects,with over 142 of these releases in the top 100 sales charts of ranging across house subgenres and receiving support from David Guetta, Tiesto, Wolfgang Gartner, Morgan Page, Kissy Sellout, Eddie Halliwell,John Acquaviva, Laidback Luke, Bad Boy Bill, Richard Vission, DJ Irene, Donald Glaude,Charles Feelgood, Steve Aoki, Robbie Rivera, Erick Morillo, Chuckie, Roger Sanchez and those are only a few. They are regular guests in the Top 100 @ and and Tracksource as well. With the support of hundreds of thousands of DJs with their infamous bootlegs of Lil Wayne and Rick Ross to their original anthem "Sex 101"with Laya Bella. Even their remake of DJ Deon's 'Let Me Bang' was a success . Most Recently Paul and partner ZXX have teamed up with chicago house Legend CZR to bring you "Understand" wich was featured on LaidBack Lukes infamous MixMash Records,which was a huge seller being played by David Guetta on sirius satelite radio show, And was also featured on Robbie Rivera's Sirius Radio mix as well,and re released on the new Cream Ibiza Laidback Luke Mix Compilation. With the success of this release Paul, ZXX & CZR now teamed up with Malik of the outhere Brothers To do a release called "Do The Dance" that has release on Robbie Riveras label Juicy Music with full support from Tiesto.Now in 2012, Paul Anthony keeps a super busy schedule residing in Chicago/Denver with a new nasty electro, nu disco, approach to the year such as their remix of Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction", a collaboration with Donald Glaude and Alex Peace Called Kick Drum, recntly remixing lazy Rich "No More Games" , and in the past has also remixed steve angello, and recntly remixed larry tee on ultra recordings,With a New remix for Larry Coming on his forth comming album on Ultra records . Releases on Will Baileys Simma (SLIPSTREAM' charting @ #10 on BEAPORT), Eden Records, Ego, Nervous Recordings, Movement Music, Peak Hour Music, Play Digital, etc.Currnetly Just finished a remix for Robbie Rivera's new single on Juicy Music. Comming in the Summer Paul will be touring for legal mix compilation album PAUL ANTHONY "THE MIX TAPE" Be sure to grab your copy on Itunes and beatport. A tour date not to be missed!!!!::LANCE PHILLIPS::Denver, CO, CO

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Aztlan Theater

974 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO, 80204

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