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B.A.D.ASS, Kontakt Recordings & Altered States present...

**** BOOMBOX ****

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A bangin, out of control experiment in multimedia communication, in an enormous virgin venue - right off New York Ave!

American Society for Deaf Children benefit event =^.^=

We all take our hearing for granted! So we have teamed up with friends to throw a charity party. All profit will be donated to the American Society for Deaf Children! Please show your support for this cause - even if you are not in the Washington DC area. We have LOTS more than just music at this charity event. Don't miss out - this will be one to remember for a very, very long time!

The legendary Boombox came from an age where our kind of dance music was just beginning. An age where people expressed themselves through street dancing, beat boxing, graffiti art, rhymes, and general social deviancy... Over time all of these behaviors became the norm, and we are where we are today. Get out on the streets, throw down your cardboard, pump up the volume, and get ready to party!

Saturday, April 7th 2012 - Dancers, art, vending, crazy activities & 2 stages of raging madness.

9pm - 3am 


$13 in advance, $13 + donation at the door - Tickets available @

an 18+ Event

The Parking Garage - 800 Florida Ave NE, Washington DC. 6th street entrance. From New York Ave, turn south down Florida Ave. Before you get to your GPS point for 800 Florida Ave. you will hit 6th street at a light. Turn left on 6th street. FREE Parking is across the street from the venue.

**FREE parking directly across the street in a LARGE & LIT fenced parking lot**

Food & Vending 

**There will be AWESOME fresh cooked food available!

This event is focusing on multi-media communication and expression, not just communication through dance, so appropriately, we have worked to bring you a host of fun interactive art and activities indoor and outdoor!

*** Performers, Artists, & Interactive ***

** Car Bash? **

Get clean, get bubbled. A giant foam machine will be on call to take care of your foamy desires.

**Performances by ELECTROCUTE

**Fire Performance by Miz Eco Rage: Fire tools include; Rope dart, Metor Hammer, Staff, double fire saber, fans, orbit, eating and fleashing touches - 

**MORE Fire Performance

** Deco By Ocular Delight
Fluorescent Decoration & Geometric Art

Based in Brooklyn NY, Ocular Delight is one of the most desired decoration teams in the Northeast's underground and nightlife scene. Inspired by the immaculate forms found in nature, Ocular Delight creates unique and striking environments for all types of events. They are known for hypnotizing patterns and sculptural light-catching shapes, which truly bring lighting and visuals to an all new level. Ocular Delight's stage designs and installations have been enjoyed at outdoor festivals in New York, Tennessee, Maryland, and Connecticut since 2008. 
Past clients & partners include: Alladin Group, the hit Haitian band Carimi, Hardstylerz USA, Paradox Productions, Groovehouse Productions, Vampire Freaks, NYCRavers, Radial Engine, Famous Republic, SynerGee Entertainment, and many more.

**VJing by Faith in the Glitch

**Body Art by Sybarites -

**Marker Wall - for art, communication, doodling, and getting lost.

**Audio lighting brought to you by Audiolust -

*** Musical Lineup - OH YEAH!!!***

Chamber of Bass:

***Jeff Heart - Philly (House, Electro) Wiggle Productions

Starting out as a mobile DJ, Jeff has over a decade and a half of experience in the private event industry. Through this period, Jeff maintained bookings in the wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, birthday, christening and corporate event market areas. All though he is still hired for such events, Jeff is more regulary seen in the underground electronic dance music market. Building his reputation througout the late 90's, Jeff currently travels the globe bringing his original productions and turntablism to the forefront of the dance music club market. Mainly touring the united states, Jeff can be seen delivering his unique style of world class mixing skills for events which host famous talents from around the world, and maintain crowds in excess of 10,000 attendees. With almost two decades in the music industry, you can rest assured that whether you book Jeff for a private party or a world class concert event, you will always be getting more than just an amazing show. You will be getting an insurmountable knowledge of music, production skill, event organization leadership, technical expertise and an infallible selection of superior programming skills.

***Jay Shok - Philly (Breakz, Electro) Light it Up, B.A.D.ASS

From his humble beginnings in 1997, Jay Shok has stood out by fine-tuning his skills, accepting nothing but perfection in his craft. Delivering some of the freshest mixing seen in years, Jay takes a vast range of bass-laden breaks, electro & house and makes them his own on the decks and in the studio. This DJ/Producer ensures that his time with the crowd is an interactive, energetic experience which makes this DJ a memorable treat to see. An essential part of Philadelphia’s EDM culture, Jay Shok has shown his love by been working tirelessly to provide positive vibrations through both his music and work within the scene. As the head of Light It Up Productions and as a DJ, Jay has worked with a variety of people to spread the sound and energy of EDM culture. He has shared the stage with such acts as DJ Craze, Simply Jeff, Keith Mackenzie, Sporty O, DJ Fixx, Jack Beats, AC Slater, Taurus, Vagelli, Wolfgang Gartner, Mason, D Star, Jeff Heart, Sleepy C, DJ Ivy, Chris B, DJ Funk, Atomic Babies, Dylan, Skynet, and DJ Pauly to name a few. He really is one of Philadelphia’s best kept secrets.

*** DJ 2rip - DC (Electro, Dub) B.A.D.ASS, Agency Sounds,,

The history of DJ 2rip’s career in the dance music industry is hard to sum up in just a few words. For nearly two decades his music has reached coast to coast, while his performances continue to deliver a unique sentiment. His latest shows have been billed amongst some of the largest names in the industry as he has blossomed from and underground rave DJ in nineties to playing festivals boasting an attendance of over 10,000 people. 

It has been a snowball effect over the last 3 years as DJ 2rip’s touring schedule continues to fill faster & faster. In 2011 he completed over 50 shows, having played sellout performances at venues like Stratus in Phoenix, Irish Center in Pittsburgh, GBar in Tampa and Revolution Live in Ft. Lauderdale. With over 24,000 YouTube views, 8,300 followers on Facebook, over 4000 plays on Soundcloud and a touring schedule that has seen the year from start to finish it seems safe to say that, while he remains humble & thankful, DJ 2rip continues to push himself to the limit while gaining loyalty from fans, critics, promoters and party people across the country.

***Kontakt - LA (House, Breakz) B.A.D.ASS, Kontakt Recordings, Aletered States,,

Voted #1 DJ in over 37 countries by top names like Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Bassnectar, Deadmau5, Kaskade, Avicii, and Skrillex, Kontakt is the new Christ behind the laptop behind the decks. He has only been djing for one year but has gone instantly to the top of the rave, club, and pop scenes with his fresh teenage style, knowledge of at least a 1 year backlog of tracks direct off beatport's top 10 lists, and constantly barraging the crowds with epic breakdown tracks and dubstep basslines. Get ready for EPIC RAGE-ING AND FACE MELT GRIME DIRTY EPIC DUB SHIT when Kontakt fires up his itunes playlist!!!
"Kontakt is the best thing to happen to dance music since the invention of MIDI. I can almost say even the synthesizer itself" - David Guetta, DJ Mag Oct 2011
But really... It doesn't matter how many years of this or that someone has under their belt, how many releases, or what number they are on the DJ List. It's about bringing the energy down on the party, and making it go off! Kontakt's been around long enough to know how to get it on, and then some. From Ultra to Burning Man, Kontakt has been there to bring it down. A heavenly slice of funky breakz electro flava will leave you needing to change your undies. A night out is an experience, it needs to be crafted by an expert from all angles to be the best night of your life. The DJ is one of those essential elements. And this is one of those essential DJ's. Don't miss out, you only live once ; )

***Lara - Philly (Booty Bass) inciting Voder Records Robot Parliament

Lara is a lifelong musician and a longtime DJ. Having developed an interest in electronic music in grade school, and electronic dance music in college, Lara spent her early years working in the rave scene as a drum + bass DJ. She hosted several regular nights of her own, played at countless larger events alongside major names in DnB, and generally garnered a reputation (even within the confines of one genre) as a DJ who refused to be pigeonholed. But as she watched the music evolve, she became deeply dissatisfied with the rigidity of traditional underground dance music and began to use her stature as an established artist in the community to bend and break conventional understandings of electronic music, all the while refining her approach to the art of DJing. Today, Lara enjoys the unique position of the versatile DJ who can (and does) play almost any kind of electronic music with skill, taste and understanding; no matter what she's playing, expect a custom-designed set of the highest caliber, delivered with serious musicianship and 100% genuine passion, specifically engineered just to make you dance.

***Prinz-D The First Deaf Rapper (Hip Hop) DC AL

Prinz-D The First Deaf Rapper was born and raised in the notorious Elyton Village projects of Birmingham, Alabama. When he was 3-month's old, his grandmother took custody of him and put him into deaf schools miles away from his local school district to avoid interacting with neighborhood kids who were headed towards a life of crime. Prinz-D grew a passion for hip hop at the age of 9 where for Christmas he received his first album by LL Cool J "Radio". While having a slight speech impediment at an early age, Prinz-D decided to take intensive speech therapy to improve his ability to become a recording artist. After graduating, he left for Washington, DC and attended Gallaudet University, a deaf college where he helped establish the first deaf African American fraternity named, Zeta Sigma Psi. His sense of leadership in the deaf community propelled him to become the first African American Student Body President. Faced with rejections in the hearing and deaf community, Prinz-D was faced with a myth that "deaf people cannot do music." He proved people wrong by buying his own studio equipment to record his first album independently, "Southern Comfort" which proved a lot of people wrong. It went on to sell over 500 copies locally and in the state of Alabama.

***BassAnus - Orlando (Electro Rage Bass) Kontakt Recordings, Altered States,

pr: bah-SAH-noos: EPIC RAGE-ING & FACE MELT GRIME DIRTY EPIC DUB SHIT! Y'all know the drill! BassAnus - must more be said? Blowing up faces all over SoCal and Central Florida, this total extreme side project is full of rage-ing and nasty grimy dub experiments with twisted epic 5 minute drops like you have never heard before! Body breaking fidget, dubstep, and killar bom electro to get you raged out up and off like there's no tomorrow! 2012, Mayan Calendar, Annunaki, Illuminati... whatever. This shit is off the chain and nothing will put an end to it. More bass than your body has room for, obv. The world is ending this year so rage hard and dirty, get wasted by bass! BassAnus will take you there!

The Snake Pit: 

***Bryon Stout - Philly - (Deep House) -

Bryon Stout - can words even describe what this artist has done for Deep House? His groovy, sexy, DEEP beats control and mezmorize dancefloors across the country with hypnotizing rhythm. At the cutting edge of deep house music, he has spent timeless hours creating the Deep House Lounge franchize, now recognized as being scientifically the deepest house possible. Bryon Stout has now been voted #1 in 43 countries and provinces by Daft Punk, Kontakt, and even the legendary Plastikman on the global underground DJ list. At the tender age of 30 he has packed 36 years of experience in to only two years behind the mixer. A stage presence unlike any dj in the scene, only comparable to an act like the Rolling Stones - his trendy "Lady-Pants" style makes him the number one at any and every show. Pioneering the now trendy chest shots and headbands, Bryon Stout is a DJ who stands out as a shining star amongst all others. The choice is yours, but the path is simple. Follow the deep house, and find Bryon Stout for true nirvana.

***Faith in the Glitch + VJ - NYC - (IDM, Glitch, Dub, Electro) - Kontakt Recordings, Altered States

He is a mangled pixel-punk media destroyer, datamoshed anime ruiner, broken NES-cartridge rocker, epilepsy inducing crazed mad scientist of the RGB spectrum, viral visualist from the video underworld, live AMV alchemist, Faith in the Glitch with kill you with a projector. Your eyes will bleed technicolor opulence. Take you meds. It's going to happen.

***Rude Behavior - DC - (Dubstep, Breakz) - District Burners

Rude Behavior consists of two producers, Sess & Yagee. This duo brings you bass heavy tunes to groove with. Focusing on genres such as Breaks and Dubstep. There live performances are a variety of original tunes, remixes, mashups and edits. Skillfully orchestrated and arranged their live setup uses everything from samplers to various types of synths. Their first EP "Back Up" was released on Beatport Dec 27th 2011 through Tharsis Records. Two remix's are expected to be released on Tharsis Records early 2012.

***Pheonix Butterfly - NYC - (Drum 'n' Bass, Turntablism) - Death to Dubstep, Light it Up

***ChaosWyrM - NYC (Psyndustrial, Dark Ambient) Kontakt Recordings,

***Dase - LA - (Electro, Dubstep) - Altered States, Kontakt Recordings


The Parking Garage - 800 Florida Ave NE, Washington DC. 6th street entrance. From New York Ave, turn south down Florida Ave. Before you get to your GPS point for 800 Florida Ave. you will hit 6th street at a light. Turn left on 6th street. FREE Parking is across the street from the venue.

**FREE parking directly across the street in a LARGE & LIT fenced parking lot**

Human Info Line - (424) 225 2903 - Kontakt Recordings

Other questions -

For Vending & art performance options, please kontakt -

Can't come to the event but still want to donate to the cause? Ask us how!

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Event Location


Gallaudet University Parking Garage

800 Florida Ave NE 6th st entrance, Washington, DC, 20002

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