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Hawaiian Brians

Hawaiian Brian's Billiard's Family Entertainment Center founded in 1985. Hawaii's LARGEST Pool & Billiard Facility. In 2009 expanded with Hawaiian Brian's Showroom- a full soundstage for live entertainment. A beer, wine and liquor bar was also installed at this time. There is also a "ProShop" in Hawaiian Brian's that sells and services Brunswick and Olhausen pool tables.

past events




Hawaiian Brians CrossRoads, Honolulu  HI
May 09 2015
BIOGRAPHY In 2011, TBMA stormed onto the electronic music scene with reckless abandon and disregard for any predetermination of genre. Emerging from B 


Hawaiian Brians, Honolulu  HI
December 28 2012
Michael Winslow  is an American actor and comedian billed as the "Man of 10,000 Sound Effects" for his ability to make realistic sound effects using o 


Hawaiian Brians, Honolulu  HI
September 28 2012
THE VANDALS (with Josh Freese)!  With The Quintessentials, 13th Legion, Sandpaper Handjob, Random Wierdos. For continually updated info and other 


Hawaiian Brians, Honolulu  HI
September 07 2012
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Hawaiian Brians, Honolulu  HI
January 20 2012
The RZO Bridge to the Mainland Concert Featuring Headliner Warner Brothers Recording Artist Divide The Dayperforming the Radio hits One Night Stand an