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Byron - The Client tickets
Byron - The Client

October 14 - 15 - 16 Miami

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PAX, Miami  FL
October 12 2012
HIT Week 2012 launches in Miami with two of the cool new groups from the Puglia region of Italy, at the heart of the Puglia Sound System explosion. He 


Grand Central, Miami  FL
October 16 2011
http://www.hitweek.it/miamiSubsonica is Italy's most popular rock band. Formed in Turin in 1996 by underground producer and Africa Unite guitarist Max 


PAX, Miami  FL
October 15 2011
http://www.hitweek.it/miamiCaparezza is from Molfetta, Italy. He specializes in Avant-garde, Progressive and Experimental music, similar in style to F 


PAX, Miami  FL
October 14 2011
http://www.hitweek.it/miamiNicola Conte: Cult Dj and producer from the international nu-jazz scene for more 10 years. Founder of “Fez”, a cultural and 
PAX - The Stage - Grand Central, Miami  FL
October 14 2011
http://www.hitweek.it/miamiThe 3 day pass gives you access to the entire HIT WEEK:Friday October 14th: Nicola Conte + Erica Mou at PAX, 337 SW 8 Stree