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Kid Infinity

Thanks for listening fuckers.

The origin of Kid Infinity is vague. Maybe they emerged from an interplanetary vortex, or from a rebellious childhood in the Midwest, or from a purple haze of sensory inspiration. Wherever they hailed from, now they find themselves at the crux of the LA underground. Though firm believers in DIY, Kid Infinity never compromise their desire for polish and precision. The electronic duo throw a mix of hip hop, dance punk, and heavy rock into a blender and out comes a sound all their own. Still, it’s difficult to define a group that defy convention and employ a multi-disciplinary approach to art and performance. Kid Infinity bridge not only musical genres but also numerous art forms into one seamless mind-bending experience – exploring all realms of visual and aural expression. Their energetic and at times anthemic party music loaded with hooks is entirely addictive and reaches a new level through the inclusion of completely DIY film, and progressive technology. With dynamic vocals and mind altering instrumentation, all we really know of Kid Infinity is that they dare to pioneer the evolution of electronic sound and to abstract the definition of performance art as we all know it.

past events




The Alexandria Hotel, Los Angeles  CA
February 05 2011
Using groundbreaking 3D technology originally intended for Michael Jackson’s farewell tour, Los Angeles-based electro-punk/hip-hop duo Kid Infinity wi 


Garr Banquet Hall, Los Angeles  CA
May 08 2010
::: California united for One Night, One World, One Love ::: 3 Parking Lots with Security (FREE/No Charge for Parking)SEXY GOGO DANCERSMASSIVE SOUND S 


Downtown Independent, Los Angeles  CA
February 26 2010
KXLU Presents PYCO at the Downtown Independent. A night of live music and visuals. Performances by Kid Infinity, SIGNALS, Verbs, and Batwings Catwings