About Us
Professional Electronic Dance Music Event Producer Scales Music has worked with at events: Matt Darey, Armin Van Buuren, Darude, Bad Boy Bill, Tommy Sunshine, 4Strings, AK 1200, Cassette, Micro, JES, Bam Bam, KXD, Deepsky, George Acosta, Will Bailey, DFUNCT!, R.A.W., Donald Glaude, Ried Speed, UberZone, Bassbin Twins, Baby Ann, Kimbal Collins, Spacemen, Jen Lasher, Jackal and Hyde, Simply Jeff, M.C. Flipside, Nigel Richards, Mike Shiver, Brian S, Paul Anthony, ColdBlank, Alex Peace, ZXX, Kelly Reverb, HeavyGrinder, Brian Cox, The Verdugo Brothers... Thats just to name a small few, the List goes on. I take pride in my work! Hope to see you all at future events!!